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  1. Launchpad

    What setup is Kevin Perez using

    Slide in his DM
  2. iv got an eazy handle v2 for sale
  3. Launchpad

    Easy handle v2 feeler

    Edit. Pic upload failed for some reason (on phone)
  4. Launchpad

    Easy handle v2 feeler

    Looking to upgrade some gear and thinking of getting rid of this. Includes all hardware except for the original Allen key. Make an offer (s)
  5. Launchpad

    Eazy Handle V2 Dimensions

    It was sold. I actually ended up buying it back ?
  6. Launchpad

    DSLR Long Lens

    Fuck I'm just seeing this. I'll upload tonight
  7. Launchpad

    DSLR Long Lens

    I use sigma lenses (18-35, 50-100). Practice practice practice.......
  8. pre ordred. havent recieved. parts are uploading to thrasher site.
  9. Launchpad

    The Flat Earth Video

    does anyone know where to watch /download the extras, BTS. (i dont use itunes, bought it on vimeo)
  10. Launchpad

    The Earth is Flat

    does anyone know where i can download the itunes extra footage / bts?
  11. Launchpad

    Canon GL2 Tips

    Make sure thw battery is fully charged and you have a fresh tape. Open a window, then throw it out the window.
  12. Launchpad

    (HMC150) 720p Export Settings

    Calibrate your monitor
  13. Launchpad

    Post Your Setup!

    Might be time to upgrade
  14. Launchpad

    Filmer Backpacks

    Dakine reload is what i use. I can fit any/everything. Or an fstop bag. Im looking to upgrade to one of those. The ajna