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  1. Post Your Setup!

    Might be time to upgrade
  2. For Those Who Have Bought A Vx1000 Off Ebay?

  3. Filmer Backpacks

    Dakine reload is what i use. I can fit any/everything. Or an fstop bag. Im looking to upgrade to one of those. The ajna
  4. You gotta mode the mk1 to fit your hpx breh
  5. General Camera Handles Thread

    I had a v2 and sold it. Many sleepless njghts after that. I was lucky enough to rebuy it back from the person I sold it to. I dont know what camera bag you using @hdx but it fits into my dakine bag without having to take it apart or take the camera off.
  6. Eazy Handle V2 Dimensions

    eazydolly.com. also I have one for sale
  7. Can' Decide What Tripod/ Fluid Head To Buy

    Never used it with a vx1000. I have with a vx2100. I would suggest handheld with a 1000. It's very durable. Going on 4 years now and I always bring it out with me when I go out filming
  8. Which Handle?

    I have a ezhandle v2 for sale with an extra 8 inch plate. 175.shipped next day air
  9. Can' Decide What Tripod/ Fluid Head To Buy

    I have a 502. I have nothing negative to say about it‚Äči
  10. Rode Videomic Pro Setting

    you could also take 10 minutes and read the instruction manual that came with it about the in camera audio. I don't know.
  11. Best Fluid Heads Tripod

    use it everytime you go out filming
  12. Post Your Setup!

  13. Vx1000 For Sale

  14. Scumbags Ny

    invest in: 1) better brighter lighting OR 2) vx2100 if you are sticking with mini dv
  15. Mk2 Fisheye Questions

    16x9 Inc. Fisheye