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  1. George Castellvi

    Fs: Vx2k, 2x Batt, Charger, Bag, Etc.

    dont you read, he doesnt want vx's
  2. George Castellvi

    Century Optics Babydeath

    pick this up, ive seen it in person and its in perfect condition, he never uses it.
  3. so yeah pm him for pics or information. edit: hes legit as fuck too, one of my good friends.
  4. George Castellvi


    i got 650 and i need a mint one, cmon people
  5. George Castellvi

    Sold Sold Sold

    650 for mk1?
  6. George Castellvi

    Fs/ft: Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    will you split mk1? if so pm me what you want for it
  7. George Castellvi

    Fs: Mk1

    i have no footage with the lens because i bought this for a friend of mine and his cam broke before i got it to him. thechetIV was the previous owner and said the scratch rarely showed
  8. George Castellvi

    Hand Painted Marc Johnson Deck

    for all you mj freaks out their. here is marc johnsons fully flared pro deck hand painted by johnson himself. this is a series of boards they made and the only one painted like this. pm me an offer
  9. George Castellvi

    Fs: Mk1

  10. George Castellvi

    Fs: Mk1

  11. George Castellvi

    Fs: Mk1

    for sale is a mk1 screw. the lens has a scratch in the middle but really does not show up on footage, other than that the lens is mint. pm me an offer.
  12. George Castellvi

    Post Yourself Skating

    friendship isnt kool just hammers
  13. crailtap has got it right a trend is a trend but skateboarding is universal let that shit speak for itself
  14. dun care what you look like just don't be a kook
  15. George Castellvi

    Post Yourself Skating