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  1. burnitdown

    360 Flips

    go a little faster and scoop the back foot under
  2. yeah the screw was out, otherwise it wouldn't tighten down. i think it was just barely held on by two tabs
  3. i actually did get it to go on before i did any cutting, but i dont think it was secure enough to say that it'll fit without any modification
  4. you must have replied while i was editing, tabs on the ring should be cut. i think there is actually more than one way to mod it, but the way i described seems like there would be more contact between the lens and the camera.
  5. it can be done. i realized that after i modded mine. and it would still fit on a gl just the same. you'd have to trim back one tab on the ring quite a bit, then maybe a very small amount on another. then flip the lens upside down to install it. it would be even more secure than the original mod, being as there would be more contact between the lens and the camera. i about kicked myself after i realized that, since i cut my camera and the ring. so i cant go back and do it the other way
  6. burnitdown

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    thats how the bayo ring connects to the back of the lens. you screw it down and it pulls the lens tight to the camera
  7. burnitdown

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    ^^dude tried selling his on here like three times
  8. burnitdown

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    thur5d4yf4n, i told you a week ago to buy some calipers so you can measure it. but stepping down is gonna put it further from the lens, thus creating more vignetting. bad idea, why don't you get a screw on and step up? making the ring thinner wouldn't reduce the amount of vignetting. because, when the ears are sandwiched between the bayo ring and the back of the death it's still gonna be the same distance from the camera lens. make sense?
  9. burnitdown

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    sooo rad dude. i bet they sell like hotcakes
  10. burnitdown

    Camera Handle

    similar to the one i made. only i made a few more bends so i could use the vf.
  11. burnitdown

    Evolution One Montage

    i could only stand to watch about a third of it. no need to slo-mo every trick
  12. burnitdown


    you've got to realize that more than half the people posting here are probably still in high school, and its been probably 10 years since the show has been canceled. but the state is probably the funniest show to have ever been aired on tv
  13. burnitdown


    i didn't catch it, but i used to have some of the vids on my comp. some pretty funny stuff