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  1. glenhammerle

    The Kinship Video

    Yeah yeah, thanks guys! Honestly have no idea, my homie just gave me one, its all beat up and cant find any name on it.
  2. glenhammerle

    The Kinship Video

    Been working on this video with fellow friend and filmer Matt Ballard. Premieres August 30 in Cincinnati OH and August 31 in Louisville KY. Possible west coast premiere as well. http://www.TheKinshipVideo.com
  3. glenhammerle

    Zion Wright Online Part

    Sooo good
  4. glenhammerle

    Concerned About Switching To Hd...

    The lense he uses is a Canon 24-105 with image stabilization
  5. glenhammerle

    Concerned About Switching To Hd...

    I met this dude Matt Phipps from Tulsa on a recent trip to KCM. I use to be pretty anti DSLR too but he had this lense for his that he used to film zooming long lense with and it looked super good. He said it was expensive, about $900 or something and of course just like anything else he said it just took practice to get smooth zooms with it and since the focus stayed the same you can't go zooming all over the place. I still rather have my HMC150 over anything but seeing his set up really opened my eyes. I wish I could remember what lense it was exactly. Ill post it here when I hear from him.
  6. glenhammerle

    Shane Flying High

    Three with Shane Adkins
  7. glenhammerle


    I was at Rincon, I seriously don't see how people skate that spot. Bondo on the cracks was fucked and the hubba was like ice from all the bondo on top. There were a few other random spots we went to that looked like some 10 years just slapped in on there
  8. glenhammerle


    Theres a few things you need to know... Bondo dries super quick, especially if you put too much hardener in it. If you haven't seen people do it before I would suggest fixing up some random cracks first to get some practice. I also suggest mixing the bondo on a piece of thin wood. I have stuff that is basically shitty skate lite that I use. Get a piece about the size of a piece of paper or slightly bigger. This will allow you to spread the bondo out then just push it into the crack rather then pouring it in from the mixing lid it comes with. Pouring it in will sometimes result in you putting too much in an area then when you go to smooth it out you waste a lot of it on the sides kind of like how Jordan's was all over the tape in the video. Also after one or two uses the mixing lid becomes unusable due to excess bondo build up in the corners and such. After smoothing it the best you can and letting it dry, use some old grip tape to sand it down, make it super smooth. Recently Ive just been using quickcrete though. They have some thats designed to just fill cracks and patch up concrete that works really well. It comes in a small bucket and is much much cheaper then bondo. The advantage of quickcrete is I feel its way more forgiving so its easier to work with. You can add more water to make it soupier for smaller or uneven cracks or less water so you can plop it into big canyons. Some disadvantages of it is you can't really sand it down if you don't smooth it out right or good enough and it tends to chip up over time, especially after winters or heavy sessioning. Right now I prefer working with quickcrete. Cheaper and easier to work with. Plus if it starts chipping you can always go back and fill it in. Just practice on a few places first that wouldn't affect the spot. Ive fucked many of spots in my younger days when i didn't know how to properly mix and smooth the shit out...Dont be that guy that ruins a perfect 7 rail in someone else's town ...Sorry Louisville P.S. Cali has some of the worst bondo jobs Ive ever seen...
  9. Indys are the only way to go. If anything breaks on them Im pretty sure you can send them back in for a new pair no problem
  10. glenhammerle

    Hmc-150 Lens Scratch

    Bad move. Pretty sure theres nothing you can get to "fill in" scratches on these lenses, they have to be so clean and clear to produce the quality of footage that they do. Only option is getting a new part like the guy said, or selling it to some sucker and buying a new one About a year ago I paid 2900 for mine, 20 hours of use, 16x9 fish, 16x9 wide angle, 2 batteries, and a $300 bag that the guy accidentally left a multi tool pocket knife thing in
  11. glenhammerle

    Is Your City's Skate Scene Dead?

    Its 75 degrees out right now in Cincinnati and I can't get ahold of anyone...we're killing it here
  12. http://theberrics.com/younited-nations-3 Vote BELLEVUE CREW if you know whats good!