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  1. Captain Kirk

    Short Skate/travel Film

    Filmed in Los Angeles, CA in one week. Shot with a Canon T3i Edited in Adobe CS4 Hope you like it.
  2. Captain Kirk

    Bart Simpson

  3. Filmed with a Nikon D90. Edited in Adobe Premiere CS3 Hope you enjoy. Dirty Glove Entertainment (bonus round)
  4. Captain Kirk

    Bart Simpson

    chris milic traverse city, mi
  5. Captain Kirk

    Painting With Light

    and ya i did ride for detroit city..small world..err web haha what area are you from?
  6. Captain Kirk

    Painting With Light

    whoa nice! ya its near the mall...and not the same spot as the nollie boardslide..that was in burton.
  7. Captain Kirk

    Painting With Light

  8. Captain Kirk

    Painting With Light

    Graham Harrington - ollie Found an old print from the college film days and experimented a bit. decor skateboards portfolio
  9. Captain Kirk

    Ollie Nollie Transfer

    the lighting is pretty epic, but the skater blends in to much for me. a little burning would probably pop him right off that tree. especially his hands. timing is spot on tho which i imagine was sort hard in that low light...congrats on it getting ran!
  10. Captain Kirk

    Noseblunt Pull In

    thanks for the feedback everyone. as far as the comp goes, i can see how people are feel like something is a bit off.. it sort of is in a couple aspects. There's a bridge immediately to the left that was difficult to crop out, making it just a tad on the tighter side of things. And balancing a downhill curving path along with a bank making a similar path against that fence and the lightpost was a real challenge making each aspect not look super tilted. i played with it for a while and this is the best result i came up with. for my eyes at least...
  11. Captain Kirk

    Noseblunt Pull In

    Graham Harrington Santa Clarita, CA bonus 5050-->to dirt ride Also please check out some links.. thedriftwoodlog decor skateboards
  12. Captain Kirk

    Haven't Posted In Here For A Minute..

    butts mcguts
  13. Captain Kirk

    Session Sample

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7nC84Dpr88...player_embedded thedriftwoodlog
  14. Captain Kirk

    Indy Grab'n Some Hangtime

    John Traverse City, MI thedriftwoodlog
  15. Captain Kirk

    Frontboard Handrail

    i used to get so hyped for spots like that when i was young