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  1. ok so my camera got hit and by a board which managed to hit the side of my gl2 where the exposure dial is and ended up breaking it. so im no longer able to adjust my shutter speed or aperture... at the same time the bayonet on my camera was lifted from the front and kind of cracked some of the body. so anyone know how much it would cost to get these things fixed or replaced? Exposure dial bayo bayo 2 im thinking about sending it to canon to see what they can do, but im assuming its going to get pretty pricey
  2. rambo

    Simi Valley

    they look pretty good.. the lighting and composition is good to im not really feelin the airwalk photo or the switch ollie photo but the other 2 are dope, the fs board photo is spot on
  3. rambo

    Lemar Crook

    havent posted on sp in ages or really been on here in so long.. but yeah was out the other week and took this though i might share with you guys, critique it as you please. Bigger P.S. does anyone know how long it takes for perception to accept your request to join the flickr group?? iv been waiting for a few months and nothing.....
  4. rambo

    Gl2 Mk1

    The Mk1 mod on gl2 is much winder then raymod or mk2, though it does have alot of vig and i filmed that over exposed montage wasnt the greatest filming and didnt check the viewfinder so it turned out over exposed.. awell.. but for more gl2 mk1 footage (from same park) peep this vid CLICK HERE I love the how wide the lens is though sometimes i think it might be a little too wide..
  5. rambo

    Sony Hdr Fx7

    I searched and couldn't find much on this video camera (i dont know if this is the the right place to post this) So the HDR-FX7 is rather new and theres not much talk about it so what are your guys thoughts on this camera? i was looking at the camera at the store awile ago and it seems really nice.. clear picture.. colours are vivid and that.. i guess the 3 CMOS work really well but then again i dont have a clue what im talking about So what do you people think about it?
  6. rambo

    High Bs 180

    Took this pic today of my buddie wes doing bs 180 today natural light... i suck at this photography stuff... bigger pic HERE please critique
  7. Hey, well went with a buddie to the k8park and did some filming.. its been a long time since i filmed haha but it was a good session heres the footy [url="http://videos.skateperception.com/viewvideo/7381/"][img]http://videos.skateperception.com/thumbs/The_Rail_footy.jpg[/img][/url] let me know what ya think
  8. rambo


    Kirk Harriot is such a sick skater.. but yeah, im not feeling this photo at all, its rather boring but he pops out good and is framed between the fence.. maybe try a long lens shot?? p.s. i dont have a clue what im talking about
  9. Ok so this new plaza opened up at the beginning of may and i finally decided to bring my camera with me for the day and it ended up to being a pretty fun day with some friends so heres the footy CLICK p.s. i did some skate'n so we all took turns with my cam
  10. rambo

    High Bs 180

    i tried to shoot it through the rectangular part but it just didn't look right to me but good suggestion maybe i'll post the other angle yes very good point.. i thought about it after words but remembered i couldn't open it anymore.. i wish i brought my 50mm so i could have ...
  11. rambo

    New Ching Plaza/park

    Thanks guys i appreciate your comments "red shirt" guy is Max Fairley, you can look him up on youtube and probably find a bunch of footy of him Scottywontknow, we live in Brampton
  12. rambo

    First Portrait

    Took this pic last night of my buddie Wes.. let me know what you think BIGGER
  13. rambo

    First Portrait

    yeah it is to centered. thanks for the critique guys
  14. rambo

    First Portrait

    nothing?? no one going to critique it?
  15. rambo

    Mk2 With No Sunshade Lens Cap Alternative?

    why not mod the lens shade by fileing it down so its like the dvx mkii lens shade? so then u can keep the lens shade on without it showing in the video.. and you can use the lens cap like normal .. just an idea
  16. rambo

    Sk8park Shot

    okeyy so i was sk8in today and my buddie took this one of me.. it was taken with natural light.... so i guess your feed back would be nice? p.s. this is my first time posting in here... BIGGER
  17. rambo

    Sk8park Shot

    ooh my bad.. i quickly went through the rules.. i must have missed that... though it is my camera and i set it up and all.. he just pushed the button.. ill be sure to go back and read the rules again, sorry once again
  18. rambo

    Filmer Wheel List

    I had some big soft Bones wheels, they were mad old so don't know what ones they were.. but they were pretty good.. i really liked them but happen to leave my board behind at a spot and not notice for a week till i went to go filming again and i couldn't find it, silly me haha So im out looking to get new ones... Has anyone tried the Speed Demons Softies longboard wheels?, saw them today and looked not to bad, just thought id see what u guys thought
  19. rambo

    Front Flip To Death

    hahaha that was soo funny.. had to hurt for sure...
  20. rambo

    Question About Tristate Camera

    I don't know from a personal experience, but i do know a few people that have ordered from them and they didnt have any problems so id assume they are legit
  21. rambo

    Filmer Pro Model Board Aw

    thats a really good idea.... now all they got to do i smake the best wheels for filming and trucks that dont squeak but yeah somone should get one and do a review on it
  22. rambo


    Lots of backcombing... id say go to this site and buy one of there dreading kits, get some friends to help u out www.dreadheadhq.com and yes u can wash your hair, and yes u can wear a fitted hat and it wont mess them up thoough it takes awile for the dreads to mature and look really nice..
  23. rambo

    Mk1 On Gls

    that link shows the mk2 and the mk1 intermediate which is made for the gl as for a mk1 (modded) its much wider then the mk2 and the mk1 int. though the mk1 int. would be better if you dont like the vig and want a winder lens then the mk2, Personally i love the mk1 with scared bayo..
  24. rambo

    Skatpark Footy

    i dont think u need pads.. the only ppl i see wear them are little kids.. but yeah heres the site for the park [url="http://www.therailskatepark.com"]www.therailskatepark.com[/url]