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  1. i like the silhouette... and its a lot better looking than the viper.. but the details are kinda ugly.. its way to busy with not enough coherency and 450 hp and 450 tq is enough for anything to go really really fast.. its got 50 more torques than a 458 and im guessing it would beat it to 150 mph.. im glad that it concentrates more on torque.. which is just as important as hp
  2. im taking the next week off of work just to work on my miata.. pretty stoked its gonna be the most therapeautic week ever
  3. theyre going up. m3s are crazy expensive now. try to find a garaged 325
  4. i drive an 04 325.. i had the same wheels too. sport package? manual or auto? looks great enjoy!
  5. picking up an r-package miata with a hardtop, roll bar, and koni suspension next week. but im not gay though. i <3 dongs
  6. wife bought me magnetic fields tickets for my birthday!!
  7. its a sunroof delete.. so no.. it just patches the hole. it is semi-transparent so it lets in a nice ambient light if you dont put a cover over it hah
  8. replaced my 40lb sunroof with a 4lb piece of CF it feels so much nicer on hard corners and finally caved and bought a suspension. only a 3/4" drop but itll look much nicer i think. my car's getting so light i think its sitting higher
  9. heres a link to the listing for the spizikes. ill sell them for $110 shipped i just want them outta here http://n-sb.org/26838/air-jordan-spizike-black-cement-red-2009/nike-air-jordan-spizike/?ref=1 and heres the chukkas. theyre some kind of special edition or whatever. worn twice $45 shipped
  10. PAID OFF MY CAR TODAY HOLLA my bro is racing in st louis in a week helping him finish the car up