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  1. iskateipath2

    Computer Stuff.

    okay so i have 4 2gb ddr3 sticks of ram for a desktop illl take pics if people are interested, im not sure if they are compatible with laptops cause im not to good with computers, they are brand new in box never opened, my friend would like around 20 a peice for them. also i have a HDMI to DVI-D adapter so you can play your ps3 or xbox on an LCD monitor, also new in box i have one for my 360 now and in hd the picture is super crisp. im not even sure how much these cost, so just make an offer. remember to add shipping in your offers thanks for looking, ill get pics upon request.
  2. iskateipath2

    Old Cod Mw2/old Cod Bo Threads

    anybody play it on PS3? i just got a PS3 and mw2 if you play online get at me. online id - HaydenIsLegend.
  3. iskateipath2

    Vinyl Records.

    the only Velvet Underground i have is Loaded. offer?
  4. iskateipath2

    Vinyl Records.

    still want those beatles albums or what homie.
  5. iskateipath2


    word, aight yo, but how do i know if your legit?
  6. iskateipath2

    Is Anonymous Legit?

    soooo legit, kid wanted my atiba bag in exchange for his broken ipod cause i dont need the bag, sent it to him first, said it wasnt the bag he wanted and still gave me the ipod. this kids legit in my book homie.
  7. iskateipath2

    Vinyl Records.

    i replied. bump for awesome cheap vinyls. buy these shits so i can continue to stay out of prison.
  8. iskateipath2


    trade for a Canon AE-1 setup?
  9. iskateipath2

    Vinyl Records.

    I meant like i still have 300 plus the ones your buying dude, there are so many here. people need to jump on these cheap vinyls.
  10. iskateipath2

    Vinyl Records.

    bump, still got like 300 of these that need to go.
  11. iskateipath2

    Vinyl Records.

    i dont have a biggie album some kid was looking for it. offer on those g money?
  12. iskateipath2

    Electronics For Sale!

    if no body buys CODmw2 you wanna let me get that for 35 shipped?
  13. iskateipath2

    Vinyl Records.

  14. iskateipath2

    Vinyl Records.

    for Garret V The Temptations Greatest hits The Four tops Greatest hits The Supremes I hear a symphony
  15. iskateipath2

    Vinyl Records.

    This is for PM.Jaa Quicksilver messenger service solid silver shady grove lou reed transformer sally cant dance rolling stones hot rocks goat head soup made in the shade some girls 12x5 jimi hendrix band of gypsys cry of love midnight lighting janis joplin pearl jefferson airplane early flight worst of dragonfly the kinks schoolboys in disgrace led zeppelin in through the out door david bowie diamond dogs station to station ziggy stardust young americans CCR bayou country willie and the poorboys the doors morrison hotel donovan essence to essence bob dylan highway 61 slow train coming x2 fleetwood mac rumors fleetwood mac mystery to me bare trees jon lennon milk and honey neil young everbody knows this is no where supertramp crisis what crisis famous last words even in the quietest moment crime of the century breakfast in america electric light orchestra new world record out of the blue eldorado on the third day x2 the beatles magical mystery tour abbey road love songs meet the beatles x2 introducing the beatles hey jude yellow submarine the beatles 65 sgt peppers lonely hearts club band greatest hits 1962-1966 greatest hits 1967-1970 Rock N Roll white album theres 63 here. make an offer bro. we have 4 pink floyd albums but they are pending to vicente for 45 bucks. they are Ummaguma wish you were here meddle the wall