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  1. DayOne

    Adam Dawes

    Wooo. I love it. Bs bigs a wishy washy when it comes to timing. Long catch?
  2. DayOne

    Fs: Dvx100a Mk2 Cheap

    Price dropped to 2000 US.
  3. DayOne

    Fs: Dvx100a Mk2 Cheap

    No, I bought this camera as a joke to piss off my filmer friend.
  4. DayOne

    Fs: Dvx100a Mk2 Cheap

    If you want to trade me then I probably don't want to trade you.
  5. DayOne

    Fs: Dvx100a Mk2 Cheap

    Price is negotiable, make an offer.
  6. DayOne

    Fs: Dvx100a Mk2 Cheap

    Work bump, prices are negotiable.
  7. DVX100a 120ish hours good condition, nothing wrong with it. 1x 8 hour DVXuser bat, I got it new, still full charge 1x 6 hour whatever battery, good for like 4. charger, lens hood, metal tripod mount MK2 marks on the metal from the hood but the glass is fine. all caps and stuff more Price dropped: 2000us as a package, want this gone quick.
  8. DayOne

    Is This Better?

    Fuck that, this shows it perfectly.
  9. DayOne

    Crook Pops Out

    I am psyched to see so many photos from you lately. I remember last summer, Pierce, Dane, little Graeme and I asked the park locals where the spot was, and they responded with the typical locals only shit. It was pretty lame. I am sure most of them have skated the Vic ghetto spot, or one of the countless street spots we have fixed up. There is some weird shit going on up there.
  10. DayOne

    It Is My Understanding

    keh google and ebay are the best places. thanks for thinking you are smarter than them.
  11. DayOne

    It Is My Understanding

    google and ebay?
  12. DayOne

    Upscaling Digital Files

    1000% is 10 times, don't get that shit mixed up.
  13. DayOne

    Alien Bees Set Up, What Do You Think?

    I don't see the problem with getting some cheap Nikon sb's. The durations are better, the power is a little less. but when 5 cost the same as one head alone before a power supply, You look like an idiot.
  14. DayOne

    I Have A Website Now.

    I don't like that the index section scrolls with the photos. It should be locked in the top corner. Good shit though Ben.