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  1. Oodles Of Onions

    do the chef's tears give the food added flavor?
  2. skateboarding is slowly going digital, and these brands need the internet more than ever. youtube is now KAYO's - and basically every video churning company's- medium for releasing footage to the masses. you could have milked them for alot more, since 'expiditonone' is the company's name itself i hope you receive a shipment of dildos for your stupidity
  3. N.e.t.j.i.o.t.

    cant believe ive been a member for over four years. AAG WE IN DIS NIGGA
  4. Nanazack

    sup guys? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWD0vMrCc6Y
  5. N.e.t.j.i.o.t.

    i remember skateperception http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWD0vMrCc6Y
  6. Forced Listening (kind Of)

    first off, i hate female vocals no matter what. sometimes when they're sped up in a beat, it sounds tight, like kanye west's "through the wire", but in this case i cant fuck with it. also, lil wayne rapped over this beat which kinda ruined it for me. just because the redhead is a babe-
  7. N.e.t.j.i.o.t.

    u guys ever see requiem 4 a dream? that movie is mezzed up! but its good.. its good as FUK!!
  8. N.e.t.j.i.o.t.

    is porn allowed on AAG yet? edit: fuck it
  9. N.e.t.j.i.o.t.

    hahaha no way. no wonder why that nigga hasn't been posting any more three 6 mafia on my wall. is eric joneckis still sucking his own dick or what?
  10. N.e.t.j.i.o.t.

    i wish i remembered you but srsly hi whatd i miss?
  11. N.e.t.j.i.o.t.

    skateperception still exists? that is so cool
  12. Happy Black Month

  13. N.e.t.j.i.o.t.

    you are TOTALLY blowing thingth out of contecktht!
  14. Russian Sleep Experiment

    does anyone read the "such is life in soviet russia"? http://www.epicjokes.com/such-is-life-in-russia/ serious lols