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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiQzpOJXpF4
  2. if you didn't like this video, then you're a fully flared crailtap camera GEEK
  3. umm, you do realise you just made a topic?
  4. El capi - tan, yeah that's me
  5. i heard from a reliable source. So make sure you don't lock this topic so when the plan B video comes out i can bump this shit and everyone will be all over my dick.
  6. i think 97% of the skateperception community deserve to never skate again
  7. slap

    Baker Reality Show?

    the rumor about dustin retiring obviosuly was fake you fucking retard.
  8. slap

    Post Your Room!

  9. slap

    4 Hour Hammer Sesh

    that was really really really really bad.
  10. slap

    Post Your Room!

    fuck off, look at where the snap is on that board. you obviosuly focused it yourself. How could you possibly break a board over the bolts? where there no trucks on it either when you focused it? boards either get focused either in the middleish area or the kick. yours is a FAKE you PHONEY!
  11. slap

    I Need Cash Moooooney

    lol you're a nigger, lol.
  12. YA BESSTTT PROTECT YA NECK, YA BEST PROTECT YAAAAAA NECCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!111111111111oneoneoneoneoneoneoneoneONEoneoneone
  13. Word up Wu-Tang in the house though I guess alot of people in ya, I guess they can feel the realness you They could feel the vibe And I think hip hop, that's what I be tellin a lot of people Alot of record promoters and alot of artists I mean it's like, it's music that you gotta touch and feel You know what I'm sayin And I think that comes accross well in the video I haven't seen you live yet, I'm waitin for the chance But I'm pretty sure that's probaly what's it like You know you probaly really get into it I guess I hear it in your voices when you sayin the rhymes Um, what ya say ya style is?