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  1. some friday soft serve for the goys
  2. Not taking that bet! Also got this (car related), it's a blast when I have the time to do it, still just messing with the console games...right now it's Gran Turismo Sport...hit me up y'all PSN: tenpoundclam edit: thanks for the name fix
  3. Talked myself off a cliff (e63 wagon), and went with a much more sensible cash purchase...happy I did! I would not have had nearly as much fun with a car the bank owned: (still got the little red qt in the back...not sure why, might teach the wife to drive stick on it and then send it off a cliff) edit: trying to change my username back to Stefan C. not sure if I can
  4. Congrats on the incoming kid, Steve. I got married and moved to FL for sellout reasons. I still get back to CO quite a bit for family and friends. I don't suppose snowperception is revivable? Flying Tomato season and all...
  5. hot take from the comments: remember we are talking about a bunch of pampered (albeit talented) 40 yr old men who have never worked a day in their life because they are selling their ‘coolness’ to 15 yr olds. everybody should just ride blank decks and shoes off the sale rack from marshalls.
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    steve looks blonde
  7. This is the specific grievance: Site Safety Details Some pages on this website send visitors to the following dangerous websites: gabriellerosephotography.com andmotionritm.ru.
  8. from what I can tell we get the warning because a few sketchy spam sites are link via posts made on here...don't click on random links on here from spam accounts or gooby and u should be good
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    what is this
  10. does this site actually register new members that aren't alt. accounts, bots, etc.? Steve should just seal the bitch off
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    After reading Kevin's post on the top of the page, my heart sank as I clicked back to page 1042 to see what was going on. My thoughts are with the guys here who lost a friend. TuneBomb has got it right.
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    everyone who uses this is going to be blasting deer hunter over everything anyway
  13. Thoughts On Polyamory?

    yea i been on tinder, made a thread about it
  14. Random Photo Discussion

    jonah hill crailtap youtube comment section is new RPD