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  1. kevinthegears

    Post Yourself Skating

  2. kevinthegears

    Montage 9

    That was sick, filming was pretty good and the edit was on point but the frame interpolation on the ramped slowmo clips was weird. I'd suggest only using Twixtor or whatever is doing the frame interpolation when you have the right shot that won't produce so much warping (static shot/plain background/minimal arm movement).
  3. kevinthegears

    Mk1 Front Element

    I kinda doubt you'll find a clean front element for sale here. Your best bet is to send it to Shneider/Century to have it replaced (for about $300 I think).
  4. Nothing but fishguts.
  5. kevinthegears

    Bocult Trailer 2

    Super sick skating/filming/editing, I just don't understand the stretched 4:3 footy.
  6. kevinthegears

    Title + Text Smoke Effect

    Still not exactly what you're going for but pretty close: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z_i24vQrCY&list=PLCF21AEC6F02D5883 I forget exactly how I did this one but I think it's the smoke footage layered over itself with the top layer at a higher saturation and the text blending mode set to darken or something. Some blurring and maybe a displacement map on the text could really pull it all together.
  7. kevinthegears

    Hd Extras 2014

  8. kevinthegears

    How To Make Vx1 Footage Look Like Hi8

    Just looks like he captured the vx rewinding.
  9. kevinthegears

    How To Make Vx1 Footage Look Like Hi8

    Another thing you could do to make that clip look more like Super 8 is to interpret the footage to either 18 or 24 fps, giving it more of a film look.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4eE8Z4m5d0
  11. kevinthegears

    Trust - Bronze

    Great skating but I couldn't watch more than a minute of that stretched, interlaced vx footy.
  12. Not sure if this is where this belongs, but here goes... I've seen a few people asking around about cool "cutout" transitions so I decided to make a tutorial explaining one way of doing this. As I mention, there are many more ways of creating a masked transition, it all depends on your shot, but this is probably the easiest and quickest way to spice up some of your transitions. Hope this helps! (First tutorial I've ever made).
  13. kevinthegears

    Hd Extras 2014

    Since I'm primarily filming VX now, I wanted to do something with some of the HD footage I had laying around so it wouldn't go to waste. I happened across about an hour of free HD VHS noise/distortion and although the whole VHS vibe is very played out I couldn't resist trying it out. Lots of homies in this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRVo7j3hdWw&list=UU9j1pmWPwo7QQ_QzOdPeV0Q
  14. kevinthegears

    First Hd Vid

    Very good for a first HD edit. Definitely saw some good composition in there. I would say the edit could definitely benefit from some color correction/grading, a little too green for my taste. Also, try to avoid those jump cuts where the previous angle is too similar to the one following it. Using a variety of wide/med/close for b-roll will help alleviate that.