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  1. Anyone on here still have one of these? i’ve been looking on ebay and don’t feel like rolling the dice. I’d rather buy the full setup from someone on here if possible.
  2. having a hard time remembering who's who in here after the name changes. waddup bro @ newman !!
  3. piled out parking cars for a living. still skating a lot though
  4. chris2


    RIP pouring one out for the irc homie !beer
  5. chris2


    i didnt know ppl actually listened to vaporwave thats crazy
  6. chris2

    Official Skate Shoes Thread

    great post! thanks for the input
  7. everythings brand new/never worn. make offers boys Nike SB Royal Blue / Yellow Dunk Lows - Size 8.5 Nike SB Atomic Teal Dunk Highs - Size 9.5 Nike SB Dri-Fit black button up - Size L
  8. http://distilleryima...00a1f9a4f_7.jpg Sony VX1000 that doesn't function that can be used for parts. Will take best offer. http://images.craigs...8f741d31566.jpg Sony VX2100 that has a broken LCD screen but is fully functional. I would like to get $700 but will still take best offer. Raynox MX-3000PRO 58mm MINT $70 or yet again best offer. Ill post the photo later. For my friend, message him, he'll post in this thread
  9. chris2

    First Skate Video?

    adio one step beyond
  10. chris2

    Netjiot V2

    ahahaha i come back to sp after a year and thl is still spending hours posting paragraphs complaining about how this site is a waste of his time
  11. chris2

    Netjiot V2

    hey guys wasup
  12. damn i havent signed on sp in a while, but i saw this and had to post it... idk how i feel about this, black box distributing new balance? the shoes you see elderly people walking around in at the mall on sunday mornings / the shoes the poorest kid in your gym class wore can now be skated http://www.newbalanc...ss-release.html i want a vulc version of these things