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  1. wesley1

    35mm Adapter Montage!

    sick, looked like super8 footage
  2. wesley1

    Fs: Vx2000 & Mk2

    anders is legit as fuck, (is this wes's camera?)
  3. wesley1

    Epic Childhood Stories

    i know you're 100% the man. when i was in elementary school, idfk what grade, my day was boring when someone asked, so i told them that this kid serge had punched me in the arm, the kids mom ended up overhearing and asked if i had said anything to anyone, and i said yeah i told a lunchlady, she basically didn't do anything... this was totally all made up, idk why i was saying it... the kid serge ended up getting in a bit of trouble, i forget what, detentions or some shit, and the whole after time i felt like such a pile of shit, but i wasn't about to be like "yeah i fucking lied to you and shit" so fuck it. I saw him last week at a diner, he definitely doesn't recognize me (we were never friends or anything, he just weirded me out when i was young, so i said his name in that fake story)... i still feel pretty bad about it. whatever
  4. wesley1


    hell yea, those dudes suck
  5. wesley1

    Family Guy

    im backin this.
  6. i liked the filming on both. not feelin the colors tho
  7. wesley1

    Techniques To Filming Rolling Ll

    then why are oyu asking us? creative means just that, creating. create your own new intense ways of making footage look awesome. if you want it to look the same as everyone elses, just watch their footage, watch skate videos, learn by example
  8. wesley1

    Frezzi Video Light

    and the mm9 battery.... the battery from the mm7 doesn't have the 4 pin xlr connection, which is how the light gets the power,, the charger uses the cig plug.. the mm9 battery has both connections dawg.
  9. i got the high score on that already bro-han
  10. wesley1

    Lower Light/ Overcast Days

    it gets noisy is what he means...
  11. wesley1

    Feeler: Mint V1000 Setup

    if you want to split a battery or two, get at me, my friend needs batts edit: i also have a friend who has cash, will buy the mk1now... (caseyshaw) so just find someone who wants the camera and one batt, and its set! haha
  12. wesley1

    Feeler: Vx1k W/ 2 Batts

    http://www.partstore.com/Part/Sony/Sony/DC...640013/New.aspx thats it on partstore.com, i know theres a place that sells it for 55 though, my friend just bought it last week, but i cant remember the site haha.