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  1. honestly you can pick any major video for the past 15 years and its going to have vx1000 footy in it
  2. prstflmr


    So they can get your credit card number.....
  3. prstflmr

    Fs/ft Blackberry Storm

  4. prstflmr

    Fs/ft Blackberry Storm

    Like new, no scratches on the screen, no problems. Just looking for something different, Just give me some offers. Pictures upon request.
  5. prstflmr


    hahahahahaaha We all know JD and Turk make the show
  6. prstflmr

    Brand New Skate Stuff For Sale

    Maaaadddd Legit!
  7. prstflmr

    Hvx200 (im An Idiot)

    Easy as lookin on google for a quick second HERE just read through that, about a 1/4 of the way down it explains importing clips EDIT: since you are using pc you should be using USB transfer and not 1394 like on a mac. Set it up with USB host and what not and your computer should recognize it just like an external hard drive
  8. prstflmr

    Metal Half Pipe

    i like the first one best, and that shits got hepatitis written all over it!
  9. prstflmr

    The Filming Netjiot

    its just how much pressure you put on it, the more pressure the faster the zoom and vise versa
  10. prstflmr

    Nollie Heel

    Who is that skating and is that gap near westfields in VA?
  11. prstflmr

    Post Your Setup

    Fairfax Surf Shop Deck 8" Ventures Bones Stf's 52mm Bones Reds Jessup Grip
  12. prstflmr

    Help Please.. Fcp Troubles

    it means your hard drive is full, either delete old shit your not going to use or buy an external hard drive
  13. prstflmr

    Film Board

    Buuuummmmpppeeerrr caaarrrssss
  14. prstflmr

    Film Board

    Gullwing Charger 10" Longboard Trucks, the kingpin is on the opposite side for a better turning radius (no wheelbit!)