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  1. JonMack

    Panny Gs Vs Optura Vs Elura

    Think I'm gonna try get one of the GS's.
  2. JonMack

    Panny Gs Vs Optura Vs Elura

    Awesome thanks a lot guys :goldenwub:
  3. JonMack

    Panny Gs Vs Optura Vs Elura

    Bike trials, like this http://www.vimeo.com/3765549 So GS > Optura then, purely cos it's 3 chip?
  4. JonMack

    Panny Gs Vs Optura Vs Elura

    Gotta be said I'm on a pretty tight budget, the 320 ends in a few hours, if it stays low I might go for it. I dunno what's better though, 3 1/6" sensors, or 1 1/3.4" sensor. At the end of the day I'm looking for decent quality and decent colours, but I got the software to do post if I need to, so would it be worth going for the Canon and adjusting in post?
  5. JonMack

    Panny Gs Vs Optura Vs Elura

    I been lurking ebay for a few days and I've found a couple of cams which I'm watching. Firstly there's a GS 120, 230, 250, and 320. The 320 ends later today and I'm keeping my eye on it, but there's also an Optura 30, an Optura 40, and an Elura 90 The advantages I can see of the GS's are that they're 3 chip, and the 250 has a manual focus ring. The Optura is obviously only a 1 chip, but also has a manual focus ring. The Elura 90 is a bit lower quality than the Optura but that's all I can see really. I dunno what the difference is between the Eluras and the Opturas, can anyone shed some light? I'm gonna be using it for mainly filming riding (rather than skating) but I figured you guys are the ones to ask. Thanks, Jon
  6. Proof of what? Surely you have a tracking number which will show that the package never arrived. Also you should have sent it so it had to be signed for, thus proving my innocence. You can think what you want, but the iPhone never arrived, also what happened to Tylers? You told him you sent it out but he never got his either.
  7. Awesome guy says shipped my item then 2 weeks later puts it up for sale again. When I shipped my item to him and have shipping proof fraud !!!

  8. Man you're full of shit. Fuck off.
  9. I don't have any, but I'll admit that. Where's yours?
  10. Well you told Tyler you sent his shit out before mine, so what happened there? Did his iPhone miraculously not turn up either? If you have proof of shipping, then take a photo and post a picture up in here right now. Seeing as you have "a box full of iPhones" and a MacBook Pro, a sidekick, etc. I'm sure you can find a camera somewhere among that lot. Should be dated 3rd September, thats when you allegedly sent it.
  11. I'm pretty sure if I had ever received your iPhone I would be singing your praises and calling you legit all over the place, backing you up in that thread where everyone thinks you're suspect and helping you out. Yeah, it's been 2.5 weeks, and I've got fucking nothing, don't know what the fuck you hope to get out of it cos I DON'T HAVE AN iPHONE. Infact I renewed my contract last week because I needed a new phone so badly, so now I have an HTC Touch Diamond sat next to me. I held out for this mysterious iPhone as long as I could and it never arrived. Ask Tyler or NorrisWright if they ever got their shit either, pretty sure they'll say no.
  12. Well your shit hasn't even arrived, so I dunno why the fuck you setup a "fraud complaint" because I've got fuck all. Also, pot kettle black, I asked you for proof you gave me nothing, you gave me an insurance number which is no use to me, you cant even check that shit online because it's not a tracking number, so I had to take your word for it too.
  13. Yeah it ended up getting returned to me and your shit never turned up so it's back up.
  14. Top this shit! Old pics but the deal is still the same.