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  1. I have 1 single Multimax for sale from my family studio throw me some offers pics can be taken if needed
  2. I filmed ths gap bs lip and it was kinda rush filmed because my friend had broken his arm in 1/2 about 6 min earlyer luckly dave rosenbaum is a sweet heart and took him to the hostpital while we got the trick. Its VX1k with only 1 500 watt light.
  3. P.V.G

    How To Fill A Crack

    Im pretty sure its just a sidewalk crack he fixed as an example not a actuall spot
  4. P.V.G

    Vouch List

    Here is my side of the story on the 2 claims aginst me. First the simple one with Rbones he sent me 3 games in trade for a set of filming wheels but the games didnt work at all and never have since i recived them so I didnt send out the wheels. Pretty simple The mishap with Evan on the other hand is a little more complicated. I listed the camera for sale originally with all stock acessories and if i remember correctly 4 batterys a mx3000 and the zr10 with battery and charger. He had just gotten paid for some job and was down to buy the full setup. We BOTH checked the shipping charges online and it appeared that it would be about 150 to ship everything so thats why we decided on that amount to ship. A little bit of time went by as I waited for money to clear and all that good stuff and in this time evan has a change of heart and wants some photo equip instead we decide for me to keep the money and purchase the photo equip for him since I live in the states and it would be cheaper for me to do so and I didnt mind helping him out. Only problem was that I had taken out a loan counting on the money from the sale and purchased myself a new computer setup so I would have to find a new buyer for the vx1000 and rest of the package I sold the MX3000 and got 80 bucks after shipping for it which was fine with both me and evan at the time. Time went buy more buyers flaked and eventually we decided that I should just send him the camera because it wasnt selling so I packaged everything up cameras in the bag and anything with a cord in a feezer bag also in there was the remote and 80 bucks. He was bummed that he wouldnt have a fisheye anymore since we had sold it but I had some kenko lenss from a differnt deal so i said i would through a wide angle in. I gave the package to my mom who shiped it out for me since I had taken a 1750 dollar loan with her and she had gotten the 1900 she did the shipping for me I filled out all forms though she just did the drop off and paid. The camera shiped out and we waited and waited for it to arive after the 90 day wait we were able to start filing an insurance claim on the package that never arived I checked with my post office they didnt know shit about the package said it was probably lost last time I remember talking to them I belive we actually filed the claim and everything then one day I got an IM saying that it came I was shocked thinking that it was gone for good which would be sad due to the fact that the vx1000 was nearly new. He tells me we have a problem though theres nearly nothing there just the cameras a telephoto lens and a connect 4 set(added in as a joke from a picture I took of the setup and he asked if it came with it SO I SHIPED IT TO) I dont know what happened to the freezer bag full of accesories I actually found the kenko wide angle a couple days ago in my old room I must have grabed the wrong one and will own up to that mistake. The battery probably got cracked while we waited for the final dession and I didnt realize it. This Was a HORRIBLE transaction when its all said and done I dont think either of us are fully at fault. If I was going to scam someone I wouldnt just take some chargers for cameras I dont have anymore and AV cables that type of stuff considering I do alot of buying and reselling I have tons of this stuff floating around it just wouldnt make since to steal that stuff if you think about it.
  5. 2.89 is the average here but i see it at 3 bucks every now and then
  6. P.V.G

    Vx1000+mk1 Vs Trv900+babydeath

    It does have better low light. In my opinion the trv900 is a perfect mix between the vx1000 and the vx2000.
  7. P.V.G


    Im gona do the JB weld mod. I want to order the step ring needed to do it but i dont quite remember which it is that im uposed to use. Know that shumways is down does anyone actually remember exactly how to do it.
  8. P.V.G

    Vx2100 Mk1

    Theres a small screw. Once you take that out you can uncrew the bayo ring.
  9. P.V.G

    Vx2100 Mk1

    Im not thats to much. It is amazing and shows that you can get a wider lens with the vx2100 but that just looks ugly think about it when actually filming its not gona look good. It may fine but from what I see its gona be wretched
  10. P.V.G

    Vx2100 Mk1

    May i be the first to say that shit is wack. Look at the pic of his house cmon its WAY TO MUCH DESTORTION
  11. P.V.G

    Vx2100 Mk1

    Couldnt you just order a mk2 bayomount and weld it on. Im sure theres a way to get one off century
  12. P.V.G

    Trv900 Jb Weld Vs Step Ring

    Jordan your so fast I love it get right on that shit Good to have these now there shouldnt be any fights about which way is better.
  13. P.V.G


    I would love to see a quallity test on widened raynox vs mk1 just with a tripod and a single trick done twice it wouldnt have to be a good trick just something to see. The footage would have to be uncompressed but I would love to see it, Trv900 baby with adapter and trv900 baby with jb weld and trv900 baby vs mk1 screw on would all be great.
  14. P.V.G

    Fine Skate Thread

    Levi brown is one stylish motha fucka http://www.skateboardphotography.com/modul...d&cat=-4&pos=20 http://www.skateboardphotography.com/modul...&cat=-4&pos=125 http://www.skateboardphotography.com/modul...d&cat=-4&pos=26
  15. P.V.G

    Vx1000+babydeath=not Usable

    Reminds me of the early 90s.