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  1. steve_b

    Kickflip In

    Dalton's dope! and so is this photo Mike, like it was said already the lighting is very nice. Is this spot in T.O?
  2. steve_b


    Love #1 dude! The composition seems so simple, almost like you physically moved the trees into their respective positions. The fact that didn't actually move them makes this a great photo in my eyes.
  3. steve_b

    Crook Creative

    Not a problem homie! I think I remember skating with you a few years back with Devin, Max, Tyler O'grady and Mitch Pryma...
  4. steve_b

    Crook Creative

    peeped your tumblr; looks good! some typo's though in your "About Me" section.
  5. steve_b

    Flashes Firing On Second Exposure Only

    I said that it only fires after 2 continuous shots (one shot after the other; 2 frames in a short period of time). I suppose I could have said that the flash was only firing on the second of 2 sequential shots? Either way, thanks EspSkate!
  6. steve_b

    Flashes Firing On Second Exposure Only

    Espskate, thanks homie! Problem fixed!
  7. Hey guys, I wasn't sure exactly where this topic would fit best as I am unsure what the actualy problem is. If a mod sees a better place for it, please move it. I recently purchased 2 Pocketwizard Plus III's to use with my D90 and SB-800 & SB-28 flashes. Now they all are functional, but I believe there's something I'm missing that I can't seem to find the answer to online. My SB-800 isn't firing until I shoot a second exposure (or it fires on the second of two continuous shots). Can somebody enlighten me as to what I'm missing? Should I be changing any in-camera settings when I use an off-camera flash system?
  8. steve_b

    Cellular Phones

    yeah man me too, i PMed you already, but forgot to say that I also want a Samsung SCH u740 phone as well- I'll offer $60 due to the price drops from the OG prices of the other phones that you've stated. Really sorry to hear about the car wreck man, good to see you're alive and doin' ok.
  9. steve_b

    Fs:nikon D50

    is this still up for grabs?
  10. steve_b

    Stuff For Sale

    ryan's LEGIT. I've seen most of this stuff in person and it's all buttery mint.
  11. steve_b

    I Need A Lightstand

    i have that umbrella adapter and a lightstand i can sell you, pm me again.
  12. title says it all, I'll get pics upon request. Send me some offers, they're both in perfect working condition and I don't think i used the umbrella adapter more than 2 times
  13. [quote name='take the detour' post='1845461' date='Aug 1 2007, 01:33 AM']im a rangefinder noob...but i do have a fujifilm gs645 mf rangefinder [/quote] bet ya' I'm an even bigger rangefinder newb Time to google what a rangefinder is
  14. Modern Man's Hustle One of a Kind Always Comin Back Home To You They Call It
  15. waaaaaay too fuckin confused right now