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  1. dertbag


    what is this place
  2. So my sister was in Fashion Week and she's up to get 10,000 dollars if she wins this contest. Her name is Chloe Post and if you guys vote and email me dertbagdesign at gmail.com then I'll hook you up with a code to get some discount off my shirts or something. Please provide a screen-cap or something. Please help her out, she's in 4th place... http://www.elle.com/Fashion/Fashion-Spotli...-s-Choice-Award
  3. I am looking for 1200 for the whole setup. Or a trade for t2i or 7d. Comes with the VX, OG MK1, One battery that holds a charge for an entire day, Charger, Large eye cup. Vx is a 7/10 externally and a 10/10 internally Mk1 is a 8/10 Throw offers. I don't check this site often so pm me. NO SPLITS
  4. dertbag

    Odd Future

    I didn't put anyone down, I am just really curious to see who is going to continue to listen to them when the hype dies down. One of my boys has been listening since 07 and is continuing to listen. I have no problem with new listeners if they're true fans and not people jumping on the bandwagon. As for the shirts they are going into making more of the OF affiliated collaborations like the Super 3 collab and the Julian Berman collab. I'm not a brand milking off their success, I'm a brand making shirts that are influenced off of OF. They know who I am, hell I even sent out a box to his mangers and before the show in NY gave them a box full of the unicorn shirts. I'm not going to continue to argue. /rant
  5. dertbag

    Odd Future

    To make money to help out the OF guys... I gave tyler money along with the artist... I'm not jumping on any bandwagon I've liked them since late 09 earl '10 and I've talked to Tyler and Hodgy before Fallon. I'm sorry you caught feelings off a comment I said, but it's the internet get your facts straight before you call me out. http://forums.skateperception.com/index.ph...p;#entry3421118 ...
  6. dertbag

    Wtb Vx1k Batteries

    yeah paypal only, person needs vouches. Would like one 2hr battery or something pm me.
  7. dertbag

    Odd Future

  8. Email Julian if interested julianxberman@gmail.com he's 100% legit, and I will vouch for him...
  9. dertbag


    you're going to get crohns if you're on accutane.
  10. dertbag

    Odd Future

    I just want to see what all of you guys think of them in a 6 months...
  11. http://www.dertbagdesign.com/store/ buybuybuy
  12. dertbag

    Dertbag Pom'd Beanies!

    small restock on tyler... no hipstars HOODIES AGAIN SOON
  13. dertbag

    Dertbag Pom'd Beanies!