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  1. Anyone on here selling/know someone selling an xtreme century optics fisheye? Email me: jordanguzyk@gmail.com Thanks
  2. scottywontknow

    Xtreme Fisheye For Hvx Or Canon 8-15mm

    Looking to buy either of these fisheyes immediately, please pm me with any potential sales. Another way to get an instant response would be to email me: jordanguzyk@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. So I've been lurking the forums for the past few weeks in light of my recent decision to get an HD setup and I've decided that I want to get a DSLR for fisheye, and an HVX for long lens. That being said, I originally wanted to get a 6D because my friends footage looks pretty good with that and I dig his whole setup. Then I started looking in to the 60d and was sold on that because it has the flip out screen, which isn't entirely necessary, but could definitely come in handy. Then I spoke to a friend who said that the t5i was coming out in the next few days and that I should get that. So I started researching the t5i and found that nothing much had changed since the t3i and that the t3i is in fact extremely comparable to the 60D! So now with all that research out of the way I've pretty much narrowed it down to the 60D or the t3i, but before I got ahead and buy anything I want to know if there are any major differences, or if it's going to end up being just my personal preference when it all comes down to it. Does any one have any experience with either of these cameras and filming skateboarding? Any difficulties? Anything is appreciated! I plan on getting the rokinon 8mm fisheye, an ez handle v2, and a rode shotgun mic, unless anyone has better suggestions for either of these cams. Thanks!
  4. Haven't been on here in a long time, but I'm looking to upgrade to some HD gear and forgot about how fun sharing videos used to be. Made this the other day at one of the skateparks here with Colin Findlater and Ben Paterson riding for Fallen Footwear through Centre Distribution in Canada. Check it out!
  5. scottywontknow

    Kbye. Full Video

    Finally got off my ass and uploaded the whole thing on to youtube in a nice little playlist for people too enjoy, its been out for a year already but it was a blast to make...
  6. scottywontknow

    Best Of 2011 Montage

    didn't really like the song, but you did a good job editing to the song and thats pretty important. liked your fades between shots, they weren't too long and they looked good some of your color corrections looked weird like you put that crazy filter from final cut that makes everything look like it has divine intervention some of the fisheye shots were a little shaky the long lens shots were fairly good, but i felt like you were too close to the skater on a lot of the tricks for the long lens, like on the 5050 on the kinked rail, and the kickflip manny kickflip ender, but thats just my opinion... personally i thought that snowboarding section was whack and shouldn't have been in there, but it was obviously for the homies so im down.... that kid after the snowboarding is good
  7. scottywontknow

    Brandon Donnelly @ The Rail

    the intro/miniramp section was too long and boring, the song didn't really catch my attention at all and the angles were pretty plain for a long string of tricks in the mini, i would have switched it up every trick to try and make it more interesting to watch. didn't really understand why the intro/miniramp took up so much and the real skating actually started halfway through the video. I felt that your crossfades were too long, but thats just my personal preference, I like it when they're barely noticeable but soften the change from clip to clip. The fisheye shots were filmed alright, next time get closer, lower and aim higher... on the 3 flip i felt like you aimed the camera lower too fast... on the switch big heel i would have filmed lower and from the other side... i dont know what was with the line ending at filming the pole and then the long wait and transition to the next pole was all about, but i wouldn't do that again unless you make it short and sweet and unnoticeable... the long lens rolling shots weren't bad, but you lost control on the ender trick at the end and it didn't look that good. lastly, the colors weren't all that great, try color correcting it next time, make it vibrant....then again its very hard to get really good colors at an indoor park...
  8. scottywontknow


    they took my passport to take down my info, just like if you got caught for trespassing and they take your ID for info. And yeah, I'm just going to pay it
  9. scottywontknow


    hahahaha, they took my passport and just gave me back this card with a barcode on it, it's definitely the most hightech ticket that i have ever received....
  10. scottywontknow


    Alright so today I got fined 50 euros for having an expired metro pass while on the tram. They gave me a ticket and told me that I have to pay it at the bank. I leave in 6 days and don't particularly want to pay a 50 euro fine. Does anyone know what will happen if I don't pay it?
  11. Does anyone know how to get the ledges on the beach in Barcelona? This skate guide says that they are at the end of the Purple Line, but I can't seem to find them on google maps. I found the spot with the ledges over the garbage cans, but I'm not 100 percent sure if that is close to these ledges. Any help is appreciated! http://www.skhateyou.com/spots/badalona.html
  12. scottywontknow

    Vx1000 Wont Eject Tape

    i don't live in the uk, and i don't want to buy your pal vx1k.... i said i'm in barcelona for a month, sell your shit somewhere else... thanks everyone else for the help. it doesn't seem to be working so i'll just have to settle with a vx2000 for the rest of the trip and get the vx1 fixed when i get home
  13. scottywontknow

    Old Official Spot Directions Thread

    can anyone direct me to the 7 block in barclona that ryan sheckler bs flipped? I know that its at the San Andria metro station, but I can't seem to find it... here's a picture [url="http://www.skhateyou.com/spots/sanandria.html"]http://www.skhateyou.com/spots/sanandria.html[/url] THANKS!
  14. scottywontknow

    Vx1000 Wont Eject Tape

    thats what i figured it was, BUMMER
  15. scottywontknow

    Vx1000 Wont Eject Tape

    what do you mean...how can i test that