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  1. thatjawn

    Random Flashing

    I have a feeling I know what you all are gonna say....
  2. thatjawn

    Davis&sanford Fluid Head Tripod W/ Wheel Dolly

    PM price shipped to NJ... I may be able to work something out.
  3. 475 for cam + lens? sorry I havent been on in a while, dont know prices.
  4. How much for: Just Hv30 or HV30 + 35mm adap + lens? I cant throw out an offer, I havent been around much and forget prices sorry.
  5. thatjawn

    Havent Shot In A While...

    Havent shot, or been here in a while... been busy with my car. crit plz.
  6. thatjawn

    Starting Fresh Sale!

    hey there...
  7. thatjawn

    Starting Fresh Sale!

    Nikon and offer. Looking for bout 135.
  8. thatjawn

    Fs: Nikon D50

    185 shipped tonight?
  9. thatjawn

    Starting Fresh Sale!

    Just shoot me an offer man.
  10. thatjawn

    Starting Fresh Sale!

    Offer up. Nah sorry.
  11. I need to get rid of some shit... Here goes nothing. Canonet 28 - Minor crack in one of the screens, DOES NOT effect focusing. Still works/meters well, may have a slight light leak. I will throw in the flash with it if I can find it. AS-IS Targus Nikon D40/d60 grip - with AA adapter, and the ability to use 2 batteries. Vertical shutter. Canon EOS 620 - Works as far as I know, AS-is becuase I've never had a roll developed. Near mint condition on outside. Nikon EM + 50mm 1.8 - Will split for right price, I think the meter needs a new battery, AS-IS. Polaroid SX-70 sonar- Works fine when I tried it, viewfinder doesnt go down all the way. As-is Zenitar 16mm 2.8 FEELER - only for the right price, no pictures cause I'm too lazy to go to my car.
  12. thatjawn

    Wanted: Nikon Zoom

    same apeture range as my sigma, sorry...
  13. Hey guys, havent been on here in a while because I've been too upsessed with my car to do much shooting. Hockey season is just around the corner and I need to get a new zoom. Right now I have a Sigma 70-300 4-5.6. It's alright, but I need a little bit of a quicker lens. I'm looking for something like a sigma 70-200 2.8, preferibly with the motor so I can use it on my D40 until I can afford a new body. Thanks guys!
  14. thatjawn

    Fs: Nikon D50

    I'd consider it. You know how many clicks are on it? Does it come with a memory card/battery/charger?
  15. thatjawn

    My Car

    not really much to say about this is there... more of just a snapshot. Oh well.