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  1. Tell us a joke funny man
  2. Howdy ya'll. I got a Master's, lived in rural Kenya, now work for a nonprofit in NYC. Don't skate or film anymore, but super happy SP and all its knowledge are back.
  3. Motives


    Right now I'm on a cut so I'm only lifting 3 times a week. Heavy weights and high intensity. Monday: Back and shoulders Wed: Chest and arms: Fri: Legs When I start bulking again I'll run P/P/L 5 or 6 days a week
  4. Motives


    I live in Tally right now. Graduating end of summer. Therell be a bunch of freshmen skating around campus that you can meet and find out where spots are. Theres also a skatepark down Pensacola St. Use a rubber, drink a lot, dont be a fag that doesnt like football, and welcome. Oh and dont fuck up in school
  5. Motives

    New Nba Playoffs Thred

    That would be amazing if the Bulls and Pacers get upset. I definitely see the Wiz pulling it off. Those Western Conference games so far have been great. LMA with 45? Sick
  6. Motives

    New Nba Playoffs Thred

    Yeah yeah I know. I identify with my city, big deal
  7. Motives

    New Nba Playoffs Thred

    I've been secretely rooting for the Heat to get the second seed because I'd rather us not have to play the Nets/Chicago in the second round. The only team I'm scared of in the East is Brooklyn. Pierce and KG have proven they can beat LeBron in a series. The Pacers are good but I'm still confident we'd beat them. Anyone else turned on by the thought of a Clippers vs Heat Finals?
  8. Motives

    Ps4 Or Xbox One

    Thats cool, you can like whatever you want idc. Just giving insight because alot of people have misinformation on pc gaming
  9. Motives

    Ps4 Or Xbox One

    PC. Not only can you hook your PC to your tv in the living room, you can use an xbox/ps control too. If I had to choose I'd probably get a ps4
  10. Age: 20 Score: 53 Probably a bit lower than what it should be since I dont have a phone atm
  11. Motives

    Subway Sandwhiches

    Damn that Italian Stallion sounds awesome. I think Jimmy Johns sucks but when its 3 am and your drunk there aren't many options
  12. Motives

    Anything Goes

    haha. hot girls on myspace
  13. What do you guys think of this? Ive been checking CL for awhile now and havent seen anything promising till now http://tallahassee.craigslist.org/mcy/3876727336.html