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  1. forkisfaster


    Sick shot! Love the lighting. Not much to complain or say about it other then its pretty spot on. Nice work.
  2. forkisfaster

    **mint** Vx1000

    This still fs?
  3. forkisfaster

    Where Are They Now... Sp Edition

    Doubtful, Sounds like florida is treating you
  4. Sup? I haven't posted on here in years.. Miss this place. How is everyone doing?
  5. forkisfaster

    Corey Goonan - Bs Feebs

    This is great! Nice work, It's perfect.
  6. forkisfaster

    Mark Suciu Reedits?

    Going to edit something up now.
  7. forkisfaster

    Sony Dcr-vx1000 For Saleeeeeeeeee

    This is so mint.. Can't believe this hasn't gone yet.
  8. forkisfaster


  9. forkisfaster


  10. forkisfaster

    Messing Around At The Park City Skatepark.

    Word thanks guys! Personally I love the old mark1 for the gl2.. without the vig. and the colors are always iffy but sometimes it works out well if the sun is out and you just wb off of the sky. The only thing I dislike is the sound.. But really if you are putting music behind it you can get away with it.
  11. forkisfaster

    T-shirt Design

    It matters on the size mesh screen you are using and how many colors really.. If it's just the outline of t shirt I wouldn't really worry about it and just go with whatever idea you have in your head.. If you are having someone else print it off I'm assuming it wouldn't be much of a problem. I would post the design up here too really get a feel for what you are going for.
  12. This old guy with this 12 year old piece of gl1 mark1 glass that has been sitting and collecting dust for a couple of years now.. Thought I'd take it out and have some fun with it at the park with some homies. I haven't been filming much skating lately but nothing like filming fish and just getting out and not taking anything seriously. Eather way enjoy.