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  1. gs320filmeres

    Fx1 Hvx200 24p

    Arrite all I want to do is have the option to shoot in standard def and high def with decent sound quality and nice manual settings. I want the 24p option also that could be used in standard def mode and high def mode. So which one then, hvx200 or fx1? The only thing I know hvx200 got on the fx1 is that it has xlr mic ports and has that p2 card feature. But is that really necessary for the hvx200 to be $5200!! That’s $2000 more than the $3200 fx1. So what am I missing here? Your opinions? Thoughts?
  2. gs320filmeres

    Filming Wheels

    What wheels are used in filmer board setups? You know the wheels that barely make a sound. If you know can you guys tell me what it’s called and where to buy em. Thanks.
  3. gs320filmeres

    Post Your Setup!

    ___________________________________________________________ vaio nr gs320 baby death lens hood sony premiums snap boards (chocolate all day) es theories (all day)
  4. gs320filmeres

    Fully Flared

    lets post the whole movie on youtube guys.... forget about all their hardwork they did making the video.. its all about for free. i mean not everybody is rich you know.. 30 dollars is a lot of money to a black person.
  5. gs320filmeres

    Fully Flared

    i was at school today and wa watching mike mo's part then i go home an it's deleted!! wtf?! oh well no worry, i'm uploading another one right now. should be up by tonight.. no one delete it!!! hahaaa! oh and if it does get deleted.. i'll be posting more... it's no worry to me... i got hella fast internet
  6. gs320filmeres

    Fully Flared

    I do not know better.
  7. gs320filmeres

    Fully Flared

    I am going to get it.
  8. [quote name='brandonf' post='2058642' date='Dec 5 2007, 07:45 PM']yea they will be up in a few days[/quote] footy? pm me.