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  1. yeah I miss Thomas, I got to meet him in Boston when he came up to see his girlfriend who working at the same place as me that summer, I think he was an intern then and pretty soon after disappeared...
  2. in 7th grade at halloween I was bombing a hill in denver and didn't know what I was doing, started wobbling, tried to bail and smashed my face up pretty good on the pavement. my sister came running after me. I felt sick for a couple hours and embarrassed. the next day at school was dope though. the middle school girls crowded around me, what happened!? oh, just out doing my thing. sk8er boi rocking up mtv
  3. dill_day


    I like that. I think that's what art is about, trying to capture those fleeting feelings and preserve them. I was listening to a podcast with one of the duplass brothers and he was talking about how his writing and movies, how through those he is always in some sense trying to find his way back to this barn or something from his childhood, back to that innocence. that was something that resonated with me
  4. it's good to hear about people doing well. I think it's cool so many people got into programming. it seems like a long time ago when that google alert showed up and started blocking sp, but not much has changed for me since then. I am getting older too. life can pass you by. but, it's a new year. happy the boards are back
  5. dill_day

    On Some Real Shit

    I don't think I would do good living in a van, with the actual reality of it. I can understand some of the appeal though. I drive my grandfather's chrysler concorde. he called it the couch. a big red boat, the paint is all faded and peeling. it's pretty easy sleeping in there. but something about an airport terminal has always been comforting to me. remember that tom hanks movie? or like, a hotel lobby. something deep down. places that stay open, where someone will be there at the desk until the sun comes up.
  6. I think it's cool. I like how those last lines devolve into sounds, and the chorus in the song, 'you're not nurturing your.. ' anyway, is there a better video than yeah right! remember downloading after effects and trying to follow deadwerd's tutorial
  7. dill_day

    Lyfe Iz

    Life is a huge album for creating an instantaneous past, with loud and definite colors. (from 'the private lives of trees')
  8. dill_day

    Lyfe Iz

    Cigarettes are the punctuation marks of life. Now I live without punctuation, without rhythm. My life is a stupid avant-garde poem. I live without cigarettes to mark a question. Without cigarettes that end as we get happily or dangerously close to an answer. Or the absence of an answer. Exclamation cigarettes. Ellipsis cigarettes. I would like to smoke with the elegance of a semicolon. (from 'I smoked very well', in 'my documents')
  9. dill_day

    Lyfe Iz

    Just now I tried to write a poem, but I managed only these few lines: Growing up, I meant to be a memory But now I've had as much as I can bear Of forever seeking out the beauty In a tree that's been disfigured by the wind The part I like is the beginning: Growing up, I meant to be a memory. (from 'ways of going home')
  10. dill_day

    Lyfe Iz

    have you read anything by alejandro zambra? don't know why I'm thinking it right now but, if not maybe check him out.... the private lives of trees, ways of going home, my documents. I'm ecstatic about his books
  11. dill_day

    Lyfe Iz

    I just came across two Mary Ruefle poems a few weeks ago and loved them. that must be from her book of lectures? I want to get that, and like her selected poetry. have been meaning to do that
  12. dill_day

    Does Anyone Here Make Music?

    I like them both. really cool. I like the aesthetic, the sound and your lyrics, it seems like a good fit. makes me think of sparklehorse. and this band space needle kinda too
  13. I heard Mtalba crying, "Aii, yelli, yelli." "What is she saying?" I asked Romilayu. "She say, goo'by. Fo' evah." Henderson the rain king p. 111