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  1. SkateLair37

    Post your username changes

    skate lair has since faded to the past. i'll keep the name out of respect and as a nod to the devotion i had at 13 for my local shop. simpler times. owner erik munday blocked me on instagram, though.. but i'll still rep the slm on sp
  2. ah this is nice. 2018 could shape up nicely if we're starting out with the return of sp. this place shaped me an almost uncomfortable amount in regards to filming and skateboarding and general buffoonery. glorious
  3. went to the city for adrian's art show, rode skateboards by the water. enjoy
  4. SkateLair37

    Vx1000mk1 - Springbreak.

    chyeah! i forgot what blend mode though..
  5. footage from this past spring that i finally got around to editing. enjoy
  6. the rock is alive and well. enjoy
  7. SkateLair37

    The Sg Video

    yes yes yes
  8. new video from south windsor skatepark sesh the other day. enjoy
  9. SkateLair37

    Vx1000mk1 - Rad Skatepark

    pressure flip dawg
  10. heavy crew and good times.
  11. new edit. short and sweet. check it out.
  12. footage from this past weekend at subliminal skatepark. enjoy.