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  1. jdayuk

    Sorenson Squeeze 5

    yer thats what i thought. but sorenson squeezse 5 will not let me export to quicktime .mov, any ideas why?
  2. jdayuk

    Sorenson Squeeze 5

    So sorenson squeeze 5 only works properly on windows xp?
  3. jdayuk

    Sorenson Squeeze 5

    Mines on a mac. Its not the OS its the sorenson squeeze 5 software.
  4. jdayuk

    Sorenson Squeeze 5

    Yes I looked at that, I do not seem to be able to choose them settings. I will post a screen cap up as soon as I get home.
  5. Hi, I have just got Sorenson Squeeze 5 and am having a bit of trouble getting the super settings up? Has anyone else got version 5 yet, if so can you get the super settings.
  6. jdayuk

    How To Burn Divx Avi To Dvd

    Woudln't that just burn the file to the DVD and then wouldn't be playable on the TV?
  7. jdayuk

    How To Burn Divx Avi To Dvd

    I think I have done this before using Nero Burning Rom. Check that out.
  8. Hi, Just looking at getting a capture cam and it seems I might be able to get a much cheaper NTSC capture cam. I am in the UK which is PAL, I will be filming on a PAL VX1k, can I capture footage from that using a NTSC capture cam? cheers.
  9. Hi, I'm looking to get an external hard drive for my mac, to store all the footage on for me to edit. What's the best hard drive to get? I think it needs to be firewire because thats got the fastest data transfer but is there any other specs I should look at other than size? Cheers.
  10. jdayuk

    Feeler: Vx1000 U.k

    yes we really do need a UK classifieds on here, would make it so much easier to find PAL cameras!
  11. jdayuk


    $30 shipped to UK?
  12. jdayuk

    Fs: Mac Wireless Mouse, Security Cameras......

    $20 for mouse.
  13. jdayuk


    Upload it to a server. Have you bought any hosting yet?
  14. jdayuk


    Just added a small shop to the site. what you think?
  15. [quote]and i have to buy something on ebay i only have paypal money[/quote] You can always transfer that money into a bank account....