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  1. sk8smile


    Bones Acrylic and charcoal on canvas 16" x 20" I'm never on here anymore but I figured I'd show you all one of my recent pieces.
  2. sk8smile

    Charcoal Drawing

    Oh yes I definitely wanted criticism. I do agree I had a lot of trouble with my contrast, my mid tones on the face seem to be a bit too dominant. Do you think I should add more shadowing to the ear? As for the question about photograph or real life, it's from a photograph. I am going to begin messing with some real life things and different medias/mediums so stay tuned haha.
  3. sk8smile

    Charcoal Drawing

    Self Portrait done with charcoals on 18" x 24" paper. LARGER
  4. sk8smile


    Posted this in the assignment thread but I wouldn't mind some feedback. LARGER
  5. sk8smile

    Illustrator Question

    When you're viewing it in Illustrator it won't show the transparency checkers, so unless you have a background, it should be transparent. Go to View at the top and see if you can show the checker board, to make sure it's transparent. I know you can make it like that, I'm just not on a computer that has AI. I'm not sure if this is what you're referring to.
  6. sk8smile

    Illustrator Question

    Are you saying it's not transparent in Illustrator or when you export it, it's not transparent?
  7. sk8smile

    Assignment 3(?)

    Hummingbird requested painting.
  8. sk8smile

    Are We Still Having Assignments?

    Would the assignment be any infograph or a specific one, such as a Beer pong infograph?
  9. sk8smile

    Photoshop Help?

    It's a light bleed/light leak, some photos that have them are real ones, other can be recreated in photoshop. Some are really dramatic and others not so much. Abduzeedo has a pretty good tutorial for it.
  10. sk8smile

    Kotr 2010 Voting Thread

  11. sk8smile

    Eat Shit

    Looks rad, but if your gonna do the bottom off of it like the 7-eleven logo, then I think it would look better a tiny bit lower. But I've seen Joe's stuff before '5 on that' I believe.
  12. sk8smile

    Fifa 2010 Worldcup

    LARGER May make some changes later, as for now, let me know your thoughts.
  13. sk8smile

    Assignment #11

  14. sk8smile

    Summer Projects

    June 20th to the 26th I'll be at SCAD's summer seminar, so maybe what ever I do there I'll post up here.
  15. sk8smile

    Assignment #11

    I wanted to do this differently but for now, here it is LARGER VERSION