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  1. ButtonRewind

    Post your username changes

    Hi I'm wil long time listener first time poster. can u turn me into ButtonRewind again. Or anything honestly i'm not picky
  2. ButtonRewind

    What the hell have you been up to?

    yaaaaa did most of a CS degree but graduated with a philosophy major. now i'm just a boring programmer working from home. Not sure where you're at in your python journey, but this: https://tealsk12.gitbooks.io/2nd-semester-introduction-to-computer-science/content/ is a solid curriculum if you want something to follow. I volunteer at a local hs teaching da kiddos using it
  3. ButtonRewind

    Random Photo Discussion

    Was lurking in Providence RI this weekend and found this 10 year old Thrasher at a 2nd hand art supply store:
  4. ButtonRewind

    Random Photo Discussion

    Friberg is a G, got some of those same prints Tomchy has Dam I went to do this a week ago as well but they already knew who you were
  5. ButtonRewind

    Random Photo Discussion

    Fuck this sucks Love you all
  6. ButtonRewind

    Random Photo Discussion

    All these moments will be lost . . in . . . time . . . like . . . tears . . . in rain . . .
  7. ButtonRewind

    Random Photo Discussion

    There he is
  8. ButtonRewind

    Random Photo Discussion

    ya but where is 400nc
  9. ButtonRewind

    Random Photo Discussion

    happy new year n shit where my dude ivan at
  10. idk y im getting involved here But this statistic is for mass killings of the genocide variety, as in, large numbers of people killed by a government of some kind.
  11. ButtonRewind

    Random Photo Discussion

    Books are cool but what's up with McGinley these days???
  12. ButtonRewind

    Photo Cramps

    The third photo feels like the one with the most potential, possibly being paired with #1. But doing so makes it feels like something I've seen a bunch of times before, and it stops really doing anything for me. You tend to do nice things with lines and simplicity though, so I think you're onto something. I have an affinity for bonus 1 as I walked past the Duncannon every day for work and its name shares part of my own. Very nice looking building that seems like it'd be a cozy place to live. < 3
  13. ButtonRewind

    Random Photo Discussion

    I had some bagels with julian and a boy just the other day
  14. ButtonRewind

    Random Photo Discussion

    we all know it's the gear that's holding you back transcend your material photographic limitations and buy a Hasselblad: http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F317023-hasselblad-500elx%2F