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  1. What about $900 shipped? Im in fl. not sure how close you are
  2. Title says it all. Cosmetic damage is fine on the camera, just as long as all the buttons funtion properly, and the veiw finder works, im sold. I'm willing to spend around 750-900 for the entire package, so post what you guys have and throw me some prices. Must include at least 2 batteries and a charger. 1 is cool, but the more the better.
  3. peteriscool

    What Makes A Good Filmer?

    you get out what you put into your clips. i usually used two hands when filming: on on the handle of my vx, and the other supporting the back end and keeping it stable. it doesn't take much, just take your time and try not to cut of any heads, or any other limbs.
  4. "Corporations are people my friend."
  5. peteriscool

    Shoes You Wear When Not Skating.

    a shitty pair of old sperrys i found at a thrift store for $8
  6. peteriscool


    lol'd however, it's true if you go to school within your state of residency. my friend goes to this community college in jacksonville, and he was saying between financial aid and pell grants, he gets about 5 grand every semester, having to only spend $500 or so books. i'm sure the same would apply if i went to school out of state, but as you said earlier, i'd have to be a resident for a year or more.
  7. peteriscool


    yeah, that's what the lady was saying, but she only mentioned that it was 6 month, but still. that's too long to be living in any of the burroughs without going to school. it all adds up so quick.
  8. peteriscool


    does anyone know about the process of attending a community college out of state(yeah, lol) i was just talking to a rep from cuny schools in the city and she was really no help, but how would i go about getting financial aid, and possibly a pell grant to be able to attend and pay for classes, and possibly a place to live? i know theres an out of state tuition fee, but i'm sure theres a way through financial aid and pell grants that will help me virtually pay nothing, and keep getting money to be able to pay for classes and support myself while i'm there.
  9. as do i. i'm the same way. in fact, i tend to be a lot more productive when i smoke and seem to accomplish a lot more then i would when i don't smoke. of course i know not to go to school blitzed, but i get a better understanding when i actually have time to myself to study while enjoying a bowl to myself. i'm able to actually focus in more one the task at hand, and better wrap my head around the idea. it's sad, but it works.
  10. peteriscool


    martin with another great play at the plate
  11. peteriscool

    Baseball Playoffs 2011

    phils > st luis brewers > d backs brewers > phils, and yankees are just going to win the world series
  12. peteriscool

    Bang Yo Self 3 Finalist

    tell your friends to as well
  13. peteriscool

    Bang Yo Self 3 Finalist

    oh of course, all those kids have some sick stuff, but i just feel like a home town homie needs to take this one.