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  1. JasonJenkins


  2. JasonJenkins

    Looking For A Career In Film?...think Again

    I'm not even going to read all of these responses. Anyone with a background in skate filmmaking can make it in the industry. Whether you know it or not, you're in a position where you learn how to shoot, edit, cast, finance, budget, and promote. There are thousands of entry level jobs in any of those categories - assistant camera, assistant editor, PA, casting assistant, executive assistant, jobs at small production companies (that exist in every city), the list goes on. You probably are multi talented (editing, shooting, managing a shoot) and can fill a number of different roles. I'm a success story of this site. I found it when I was 16, learned about cameras, went to film school, and have since worked on projects ranging from music videos to Hollywood features and everything in between in a number of different capacities ranging from PA to production coordinator to shooter to editor. There's no reason anyone with drive can't do the same. Anyone that needs the encouragement, just keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into real life shoots as much as possible, and you'll be fine. Not the easiest road and definitely not the easiest jobs (as I type this on-set for the 5th 15 hour day in a row), but as skate filmmakers, you're definitely ahead of the game for most people looking to start out in the film and television industry.
  3. JasonJenkins

    Give Me My Money Chico

    Music was fine. Not saying it was outstanding, but it all worked. Skating was better than anything else that's come out this year, from Kelly to Chico to Karl to TX to Curtain. Anthony Claraval knows how to put a good video together and didn't miss with this one.
  4. Congrats, Erick. The Berrics seems to be the way to come up in skating nowadays, maybe you can translate it into working with a company. In any case, it's not bad for a CV/resume. Not that the edit or filming deserved to win, but I wanted to see those Mexican dudes tear The Berrics a new asshole. The dude Erick films are good but that crew had some intensely tech dudes in it. Just saying...
  5. JasonJenkins

    "stay Focused"

    Yeah, it seems the video got kind of slopped together, which is obviously a disappointment for me. Whatever though... Static I/ZY Mixtape feel, mostly good skating, and all East Coast makes for a pretty sick video. Also, totally retarded that they couldn't get everyone to export their files in a uniform manner. The quality varies for every part and it's frustrating.
  6. JasonJenkins

    A Failed Younited Nations Entry

    Classic Jake Knapp edit. I'm a huge fan and have been since way back in the day. It's a shame this didn't make the cut, but I think we all know why it didn't. Substance over hammers - glad you didn't compromise here. And Steve - there may have been garbage that did make the cut, but did you see those Mexican dudes? If that shit doesn't win just on pure skating value, I don't know what the deal is.
  7. Hey guys, Finally got around to uploading a new log clip. Hope you guys enjoy... Any critique or comments appreciated. SP Link Vimeo Link Blog Link Thanks.
  8. JasonJenkins

    Stay Focused

    Not 100% sure what the deal is as far as distribution goes, but I know they are working on the DVD as we speak. I edited the Boston section and filmed a fair amount of it as well... I know there were a lot of other sections in it (New York, Baltimore/DC, Philly, etc..) and I'm pretty interested to see how it turned out. Anybody get a chance to see it at the tradeshow?
  9. JasonJenkins

    Spots In Sd

    I think this is the third SD spot thread this month. Closed.
  10. JasonJenkins

    The Official Avatar Thread

    Pure entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less. As everyone, amazed by the graphics, but appalled at the lack of depth. The plot is completely superficial, from the literal connection of the Na'vi to the environment through their tails, down to the ultimate plot point of environmental protection. It just doesn't leave much to interpret. Still - it was a great watch.
  11. JasonJenkins

    Blueprint United

    Shit was definitely sick, but agreed on the filmer needing a new fisheye. It's seriously distracting and I know it isn't just that way for picky filmers. The whole team came through with sick footage, but would it kill Danny Brady to ever do a switch trick?
  12. JasonJenkins

    Favorite Skate Videos Of 2009

    I forgot Adidas Diagonal. Raul Navarro, Busenitz, and Lem's parts were some of the best and most original skating I've seen all year. And even a memorable part.
  13. That spots in Spain (Malaga I believe), not England... But still, I get your point and agree.
  14. The whole video turned out sick. Western Edition's got a unique art direction and it shows in their product and videos.
  15. JasonJenkins

    Favorite Skate Videos Of 2009

    Tiltmode, Debacle, Mind Field, and State of Mind. Honorable mention: Extremely Sorry (on mute).