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  1. cpfilmer

    Hpx170 / Century Xtreme

    Sorry to whoever wanted the lens. It's all gone
  2. cpfilmer

    Hpx170 / Century Xtreme

    Everything is currently pending.
  3. cpfilmer

    Hpx170 / Century Xtreme

    Bump. Someone take the camera off my hands so I can sell this lens that everyone wants.
  4. cpfilmer

    Hpx170 / Century Xtreme

    To everyone interested in the lens, I really wanna get the camera sold before I sell the lens off. So tell your friends to buy my camera. It's just sitting in my closet.
  5. cpfilmer

    Hpx170 / Century Xtreme

    Really? No one? I'll split.
  6. I've posted this thing on here a few times but someone always bails out on me. Anyways, I'm selling this because I haven't even touched it in like the last year since I've started my new job. I would rather have some money in my bank account than have this sitting in my closet. The camera and lens are mint-never dropped, never hit. Everything was purchased new from B&H like 4-5 years ago. The camera only has ~360 hours on it. The only flaws on the whole setup are on the bottom of the lens support rails(scratches from setting the camera down) and a few blemishes on the viewfinder(from my glasses, doesn't effect visibility). I'm looking for $4,000 + shipping. If you're somewhere in/near California we can meet up to save you some cash. I do not want to split, but if I get a decent offer I will. NO TRADES. Included with the sale:(if everything is purchased together) HPX170 Century Xtreme Support Rails for Fisheye 2 batteries 16gb P2 32gb P2 All OG accessories(might have box still but not sure) A shoulder bag And a few other little things I can't remember Please contact me over email or pm as I rarely check these forums. Although, I'll try to come on here more until this thing sells. Email - colbybingaman@gmail.com Here are some pictures, they were taken on my cell phone so I know they are pretty shitty. If you want more pictures just email me.
  7. cpfilmer

    Feeler: Hasselblad 30mm F/3.5 Cfi T*

    Still trying to sell this. Looking to get like 3k email me if anyone's interested colbybingaman@gmail.com
  8. Got this for Christmas but I don't shoot/have 220. Figured I'd try to get some money for it. Looking around $65 shipped or so.
  9. No longer a "feeler" Sale includes: -Lens with caps -Leather case -4 Filters (at least one is needed in the lens to get a proper focus) -Key to locking case -Box -User manual -Zeiss inspection certificate Trying to get around 3k
  10. Let's fucking hang out soon man! miss you no brokeback

  11. cpfilmer

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    Konova Slider for sale http://forums.skateperception.com/index.ph...p;#entry4014153
  12. cpfilmer

    1m Konova Slider

    Selling all this gear that I don't use. This being one of them. Bought this brand new from Konova about 9 months ago. I used it twice like the first week I got it. Other than that it's just been sitting in my closet. -1m Konova Slider -Weifeng 717ah ball head -Carrying Case Trying to get around $300 for it, buyer pays shipping. Open to offers though, so please don't hesitate unless you're about to low-ball me. Here are the only clips I used this for. No trades
  13. cpfilmer

    Getting Sharp Scans

    Does anyone on here even like their v500?
  14. PM me your number. Merry christmas homeboy. Love you