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  1. Skateboard Rumors/Confirmed Rumors

    I've seen Elijah and Raven killing it for a little while now but I didn't know who the fuck Stevie was until I bought Pretty Sweet and watched it, straight up haha.
  2. Post Yourself Skating

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NZJwBgYo4U Stuff from as old as last summer. All iphone shit, drinking a couple beers and doing a dork trick. Or going out late at night and filming something for fun when I get bored. All my hammers are being saved
  3. Netjiot V2

    Same here, April 2005 lol, shit is crazy
  4. Dane Burman Day In The Life

    as long as you still post montages and clips on here, this site will never die PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE YOUR STRESS MONTAGE SAVED SOMEWHERE, it's deleted from the internet as far as I know
  5. Post Yourself Shooting

    haha for sure! It's not even that I don't want to or can't. I live about 3 hours from where I used to be, so all my homies are back there. I film whenever they take trips to where I'm at or when I come back home. I got a few dudes here that I can get up with, but school does take up a lot of my time. I've been working on a homie video for a year now really. By working I mean, filming whenever I can. Probably woulda been done by now if I didn't move. But it's something to keep me on my toes.
  6. Post Yourself Shooting

    ^Joke shot, my friend needed something for his photo class and this was an instagram "test shot". Of course I had to steez it out ^All of these have been taken in the last few months except this one. I don't even remember when, at least 2-3 years ago ^Shameless selfie. This was a few minutes before I hit a gnarly crack, flew 10 feet in the air and then slid 10 more feet on my stomach. My camera was grinding/sliding on the ground while in my hand. It wasn't fun As you can see, I don't use/have a filming board. But I just got some wheels and trucks so I'll be cruising again. I haven't been filming as consistently since I moved but I still do it.
  7. agggh that's insane. Apparently there's some rating system now too. Looks like another number-game I must obsess over.
  8. Why has each member's join date been removed under their avatar/name? How can I assert my superiority now?
  9. Skateboarding Assignment #1

    haha I try to lurk here on my off time. Whenever you need me to close it, just hit me up. Hell, just email me. I always check that: thomasrolinger@gmail.com
  10. Cutting Kinks

    Just a guess, but are you from Decatur, like near Atlanta? If so, there's tons of rails in that area. I wouldn't risk getting arrested haha
  11. Skateboarding Assignment #1

    lolol if only this was sooner, I would have made him land it! I doubt this is considered a wallie, but I did find a spot here this has like a slanted/steep-ish bank that goes up towards some windows, it's so fucking fun to just charge it and see how far you can ride. Anyways, enough spam. This is a good idea. Definitely keep it going, it'll give me something to do this summer.
  12. Whatever Happened To...

    Erik is an SSL stripper!!!
  13. Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Ahh, I guess I should specify. When I say Sandia, I'm talking about Sandia National Laboratories, which is where I'll be working haha. But I'm from Florida, so the heat won't be much of an issue. Dry heat > Humid heat any day
  14. Tattoo Thread 2.0

    I started with one tattoo in August. This is where I'm at now (most of these pictures were taken right after I got them, so they may be a bit red/bloody and not completely healed) The first one I got was the carbon atom. Then I got the "Skate Thru The City" one that's on the opposite side. Then I went back to the left and got Euler's number (it's represented by "e" and it's 2.71828...). Then I went back to the right and got the little dude on the skateboard. That's the logo of the only legit local shop I ever had and I've done a lot of work for them in terms of filming and some of my best friends ride for them; it's just something I appreciate a lot, they're all super cool dudes. Then I got the string of equations on the left. First is Einstein's theory of general relativity, then Euler's identity, then Boltzmann's equation and finally one of the equations from Maxwell. Then I did the big film strip piece that has my all time favorite skate videos: Video Days, Lost and Found, Chomp on This, Yeah Right!, Mosaic, Second Hand Smoke, Modus Operandi, and Sorry. Finalllly, I did the dice piece on the left. It has pieces of Schrodinger's equation. That equation has to do with the probabilistic nature of quantum physics. Einstein was once quoted saying "God does not play dice with the Universe" when he was asked about the probabilistic features that quantum mechanics implies. So the dice are there to emphasize that (dice = chance = probability). So I have this little split personality theme going; one side is all about skating and the other is nerdy. Two things that are distinct about me I went a bit overboard since this was all done not even a year ago, but I had a lot of ideas and each tattoo has a specific meaning to me and will always be relevant to me. Plus my homie did the tatts and I get good deals haha
  15. Albuquerque, New Mexico

    What did you do at Sandia? But all I'm concerned about is skating. As long as it has some fun parks, I'll be happy. Tight people to skate with would be a plus though