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  1. no thanks but good luck to you finding a perfect mk1 for cheap.
  2. not parting the batteries. sorry
  3. how so? you wouldnt find another vx this mint. and that just had it serviced. bulletproof vx as long as you keep using only Fuji tapes like i do cause theyre Dry based tapes, sony premium's are oil based (creates wear on the head) No glitching on this camera. It is 1800 OBO. so take your negative comments elsewhere
  4. Selling my Vx1000 mk1 setup, never dropped or hit. Had Heads replaced and whole camera internals cleaned. Then had it refreshed again less then 2 months ago. Both times at KEH and have receipts. Never played back on, will come with capture camera, 3 vx1 batteries, a Tamrac Bag, Smith and Vector on-Camera lights that were never used. 2 of them, And mk1. Wont split Mk1 unless Vx sells first. Camera never gives me problems,Been hating the fact of selling it since its soo mint. But ive Been using my HPX170 setup so I need to sell my vx to fund the Century Fisheye thats $2500.. Best to just text me or leave voicemail 732-804-4347. Located in Central Jersey. I am using my friends name on here. He let me sign in and use it since you have to have 2,000 posts to post in the classifieds. my name on here is deadlinemedia Vx-$1000 Vx w/Mk1,bag,lights, capture camera- $1800 Mk1- $675 Here's photos of the Vx and the Mk1 http://i23.photobuck...1B3AE6421C9.jpg http://i23.photobuck...1B3CDAA767B.jpg http://i23.photobuck...1B3C9C63F97.jpg http://i23.photobuck...1B3D11E5400.jpg http://i23.photobuck...1B3BCB5CC92.jpg Heres photos of the paperwork from KEH http://i23.photobuck...1B3B2D5DFFB.jpg http://i23.photobuck...1B3B6B3B9C8.jpg
  5. myspace

    Creating Jobs

    You are absoulutly right. You should see some of theese retards pumping gas.
  6. myspace


    I get paid to sit around on storm standby for at least 24 hours starting at 5pm today. I'm not complaining.
  7. myspace

    Fs: Hasselblad 30mm Fisheye

    bumpity bump buy this shit
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    Sorry for the BMX... 2008: 2010/2011:
  9. myspace

    Fs: Hasselblad 30mm Fisheye

    still for sale, Not sure if i messaged you back.
  10. myspace

    Fs: Hasselblad 30mm Fisheye

    The 20th isn't that far away haha. I'll be away from the 21st to the 24th for the Ocean City Dew Tour. But I'm going to PM you my number. Send me a text when you're back home.
  11. myspace

    The Filming Netjiot

    Neither haha. Hispanics. Some shady characters to say the least. But thanks! let me know if anything comes up.
  12. myspace

    The Filming Netjiot

    Keep an eye out for two VXs and a MK1 in So-Cal. I just saw a friend of mine got robbed at Memorial Skatepark. Stay Classy San Diego!