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  1. expect to pay 600-800 a month for your share of the rent if you want to live in williamsburg
  2. Bizzle

    The Bicycle Thread

    1984 pinarello, full dura ace 7400
  3. I've got this lens and I don't ever really use it. Looking to get $600. Perfect condition, comes with a front lens cap. I take paypal.
  4. Bizzle


    kewl dude
  5. Bizzle


    I disagree with some of these people and think that websites like this are basically there to highlight the work, not your web design skills. All white with black or light gray text is clean and mimics some sort of gallery/showing space. Leaves nothing to be taken away from the work. And I'm also thoroughly impressed with what you're doing at such a young age god damn (referring to dear harry).
  6. Bizzle


    3 mins? damn bro well i posted it in da gallery so it must be 1 ! ha ha ha ha
  7. Bizzle


    stfu. i just got my d40x. relax.
  8. Bizzle


    wats the weather liek in miami but honestly, the photograph needs to be viewed at full size. at 500px it does look too cluttered, but that's a pretty unrealistic size to view this picture at.
  9. Bizzle


    shut up man i go to college i bet ur still not even gradutated or somethin idk watever
  10. Bizzle


    sorry guys my mom just got me a d40x and i thot id take it out nd shoot sorry im not tryin to get into thrasher or somethin god.
  11. Bizzle

    Pictures Of Skateperception Og's

    [img]http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/4594/paty.jpg[/img] pat d. scanned it off a contact sheet so it looks poopy but look at dat smile.
  12. Bizzle

    Post Your Setup!

    Got one of these things recently