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  1. SICKhead | Full Video

  2. Post your username changes

    Can I have my name changed to FuckSocialMedia thanks yous
  3. What the hell have you been up to?

    Only skate handrails never film
  4. SP Montage - Interested?

    Only if the ender is on triangle and has 80% florida footage
  5. Do Not Comply

    This is amazing! Jake is the best.
  6. Hd Socal Street Montage

    Thank you! I spent a long time on the ending titles, stoked somebody liked them Its in Santee, roughly a half hour south east of north county. Sorry for the last bump. Thanks!
  7. Chris Colbourn Cut & Dry Full Part

    Wanted to go to the premiere to see this guys part but I am stoked you posted it! Love this part, I have watched it multiple times. Amazing skating, tricks selection, and style. Great work!
  8. Hd Socal Street Montage

    Thanks for the critique. I completely agree with you. I have not got passed the honey moon phase with my fisheye and really use it too much! Thanks! Yes blake is gnarrrr. Thank youssss! Thanks for your support man!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjzg8SPDs-I
  10. Pat Burke "footage Party" Full Part

    That was great! Got to the premiere late and missed this part, stoked to see it now. Fool seems all over the place, one of my favorites to watch!
  11. Steaktage 4

  12. Southern California Vx1mk1 Montage

    Sorry for the late bump but thanks to everyone for watching my clip and for the feedback. I appreciate it. I am really stoked with the responses! Thanks!
  13. 10 Kinks

    Sooo ridiculous!