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  1. Ha no worries, you sent me on a bit of a 2006 — 2009 reverie. I really need to dust off my film scanner and make sure I have 50mb+ digital copies of everything as a back up and properly catalogue it this time as some of the stuff I have on file is such low quality.
  2. I had a hunt through about 10 hard drives as I knew I had it scanned in big somewhere, did a bit of a rejig and scale, et voila.
  3. Got this up for sale on ebay — but guessing it'll be of more interest to people here, looking for £350.
  4. Hey I'm selling my 'run about' setup on ebay if anyone is interested — not getting enough use out of it, may be a long shot but thought I'd throw it out there just in case. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fujifilm-X-series-X-T1-16-3MP-Digital-Camera-Voigtlander-40mm-f1-4-L-lens/202208831856
  5. muzz

    it's been a while

    This is pretty rad — at 100% there's some pretty weird stuff going on in the sky around him, it's also a bit of a bummer that he's in a full black / a dark outfit as you're left with zero shadow detail. I kind of agree about the foreground not being sharp but that's a smaller gripe, it still reads well.
  6. muzz

    Bump to Bar Ollie

    I think this is sick, I get the reasoning behind the one flash. My only slight criticism of this is that the tiniest bit of light on his frontside would have made this pretty special, I think the only thing you could do to remedy that without completely ruining the foreground is to have put something up on the air conditioning unit ( or whatever those brackets are holding up ).
  7. muzz

    Crook, Kickflip, Lip

    I think I'd prefer to see a version of the crook without so much post work — I guess I'd prefer it if you embraced the sky you ended up with rather than trying to push it back with burning. I think the two colour shots the lighting is pretty intense also, this is personal preference though. Having a less abrupt ambient flash mix can make a massive difference.
  8. I've been buying stupid amounts of photo equipment over the past 2-3 years and doing very little with it. What a time to be alive.
  9. Agree with both comments, made a dick move and shot it with extra head room, which should really be the bowl instead, and I should have dipped in more to isolate him a bit better — whilst I'm annoyed with it, I'm surprised it turned out like this, having not shot in so long I was expecting far far worse.
  10. I Swear It Wasn't Capitalised When I Typed It In The Box, But Thanks.
  11. muzz

    Fakie Flip

    I never tend to like the 3/4 mid/long lens angle, it's just personal preference for me. Also watch the shadows your producing, if you have control over the light, try to avoid shadows on the spot where possible.
  12. muzz

    Ollie/too Much In The Foreground?

    This, and also the ( excellent ) compositional edit. Also I'd say timing is a tiny bit late for this angle, even though it's technically good timing on an ollie, I think you have to have daylight between the bench and board, could potentially try and isolate him a little bit from the surrounding trees / foliage too.
  13. muzz

    50-50 Up The Pole

    This is sick, I know it's difficult because of the poles / spot but it would have been great to have a tiny bit more light on his wheels / trucks just to block in some of the shadow he cast ( that's being pretty picky though, this is rad )
  14. muzz


    For me this is a little odd, I think this could have done from you moving away from that wall on the left that has a pretty big leading line which goes away from the action. Then maybe you could have flattened out the photo a bit with a slightly longer lens from further back?