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  1. hai2u2

    Random Photo Discussion

    Lololol, I've been up all night (like every night,basically) and a few hours ago, I srsly started thinking about John Kim and where he is. I still have cigs lying around that I bought for him down yonder, to avoid paying NYC taxes. Will trade for film and/or a Kevin Horn signed bible.
  2. Revelation 155: Now the Lord was revealed unto Scythia, but still some cried in blindness. Fear not of these things, for a NEW DAY is before ye, but only the LIGHT of TRUTH shall be by thy name (Pravda vítězí!!!). Unto the blood of the ATILLA, unto the blood of LIBUSE, shall ye not know of this? For ye must lead thy children to glory, and only ye's truth shall ILLUMINATE unto this. Bless not the blind, for thy darkness hath passed, but still some cry for the fruit of JUST-ICE. Fear not of these things, for an OLD SCYTHIAN shall emerge anew, bathed in thy light of glory. Ye of the dragon, ye of HUS-SITE, shall ye turn away from these things? For thy Lord hath guided ye, and still some say: I know no Lord. BLESS TOCHARIA!!!!!! WE'RE FREE!!!! FUCK ALL WHO DON'T RECOGNIZE!!!
  3. hai2u2

    Random Photo Discussion

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrC-7ikWI-E
  5. hai2u2

    Random Photo Discussion

    Oh shiz, PM me when you get yonder. Anyway, depends where you are in either place, both are incredibly varied, which was kinda one of the themes of the wire anyhow. Lots of dbags in both places, especially downtown DC, but it's whatev. If you're from Long Island or NYC, I may be wrong about that, but that's what I remember about you, it's pretty much the same cast of characters and shit, so no sort of huge culture shock. You working/interning or what?