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  1. Selling my EWA-Marine VP2 Underwater Housing Bag designed for the Panasonic HVX200. Will work for any camera that fits in the bag and with either a 82mm or 72mm (with step-up ring included) lens. Good down to 33ft. I know a bag seems unsafe, but it really works, very well. Product Info from B&H http://www.bhphotovi...ousing_for.html Great condition, used it under 10 times. I've tested it down to 15 ft. Never had a scare. Used once in salt water but was immediately cleaned afterwards. Comes with bag, 72mm->82mm step-up ring, 3 "camera-dry" packets (keeps moisture from building up inside) and the foam block it came with to keep it floating. Bag is great for underwater projects, heavy rain, surf videos. Its been awhile since I've been on skateperception, but I'm legit, a few people can verify that if they are still on here. Original owner, bought from B&H $150 OBO Either PM me on here, or MORE PREFERABLY e-mail me at lotb777@gmail.com, then i'll get back to you right away. Photo:
  2. LOTB

    Wtb: Ogio Ty 2 Bag

    hopefully someone can sell one
  3. LOTB

    Wtb: Hvx200

    I got the cash, ready to go HD. I currently have a VX2100 that has a couple problems, the tape deck eats tapes when theres only 10 mins left on them, and the camera turns off randomly, but very rarely, both of which should be easy fixes. 3 batts with it (one big, medium, and one small one, 7hr, 5hr, 2hr). willing to trade the VX2100 and my mint MK1 fisheye with bayoring and OG ring. would rather buy from someone on here than ebay. make your offers! (also, about the 500+ post thing, i've been with this forum for years, and i'm legit, I just don't post much)
  4. LOTB

    Wtb Capture Cam

    doesn't have to work in rec mode, but needs to be fully functional in vcr mode. i'll take cams with broken lenses or with out batteries, or even without a charger, but it MUST WORK so backed up on tapes, help a brother out. and i gots moneys
  5. and can i crash at your house with 4 other guys hahahahah but for real, where are the spots, and what are the cities that are worth skating near it
  6. LOTB

    30gb 5th Generation Ipod

    sorry guys, sold to my buddy who is sitting right next to me
  7. LOTB

    30gb 5th Generation Ipod

    sometimes i can listen to songs for hours and it won't reset, other times it resets within one song. Recently its been reallllly good about it and hasnt fucked up. I got the cord and the headphones, maybe the carrying case thing that came with it, ill get back at you with that. the headphones are nearly new too, had to get new ones (still ipod ear buds)
  8. LOTB

    30gb 5th Generation Ipod

    it just resets its self. it will be playing, then it will turn off, then it goes to the apple logo, then comes back on. nothing gets erased.
  9. LOTB

    30gb 5th Generation Ipod

    (note)I used to post in the classifieds before the 500+ rule, and i'm legit(note) I just got a iPod nano, so I don't need my old iPod anymore. There's only one thing wrong with it, but its not that big of a deal. Every now and then, it will reset its self, doesnt delete anything, on average 2-3 times a day, unless i have it constantly on, then its like 5-7 times a day. $50 plus shipping any questions, ask
  10. skateboarding.com we were filming a couple flatground tricks for the king of the road, and my buddy tom was trying this lazer double flip in the process. shits sick. im psyched i love how people argue about what trick it is, it should have never been done, so maybe it shouldn't be worried about
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  12. LOTB

    Mk1 For Vx1000 Bayo

    need one soon, must be perfect, if it is i can probably do about 650
  13. also need a bayoring adapter so it will fit on my vx21. hit me up asap!