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  1. APPAnc


    That Ektar is #lit
  2. APPAnc

    Pole Jam, Switch Ollie, And Kf Bs Tailslide

    AYYYYE! EBY! Killin it.
  3. APPAnc


    That Crook Is #flameemojii Great Lighting!
  4. APPAnc

    Tornado Spin

    I can't figure that out either. It didn't show up in photoshop when putting it together...
  5. APPAnc

    Tornado Spin

    Steven Ramos - bs biggie Haven't shot skating in a while.
  6. APPAnc

    Post Your Setup!

    Haven't been around for a while, lot has changed. Kit: Fuji XE-2 :Canon FD 28 2.8 :Canon FD 50 1.8 :Canon FD 100-200 4 :Fujinon 35 1.4 :Fujinon 56 1.2 :Zeiss 12 2.8 Fuji X100 Hasselblad 500c :Zeiss 80mm 2.8 CF Yashica MAT 124 Canonet QL17
  7. APPAnc

    Tour De Hasselblad Anyone?

    Bullshit, Steve. I'd much rather see something from NC.
  8. APPAnc

    Tour De Hasselblad Anyone?

    I wish Weston and Myself didn't live in the same city. I'd join as well. I am sure we could both come up with something completely different.
  9. APPAnc

    Toe V.v Submission Thread

    Aloha. LIVE: I live in Austin, Texas. I think a couple blocks from Weston actually. I was going to post some super tourist bridge, frost tower, river view, sunset photo but Im sure you guys can google all that. So the city of Austin is pretty segregated. There is the wealthy side on the west, the normal middle class south and north, and the not so great side is the East. One of the well known party streets is 6th street. This is where the college wild hooligan sluts go to for cheap drinks and barfing. East 6th street is however a wide range of hipster bike riding, beard growing bars and is some what of an up and coming area. This brings me to my watering hole. The old Whisledawg. This place has the best old fashioned you will ever have. Time and time again I find myself here with some senor brown water in hand getting turned down by blonde bittys in cowboy boots. The bar is is small inside with a huge outdoor patio and sitting area, it also has a mezcal bar upstairs. But, I can get liquid smoke at the grocery store. SKATE: Dustin Hall - Back Smith This dude is a Thug. Smokes tweeds, drinks 40s, carries ninja stars, shops for du-rags at flea markets for a dollar, straight up shaolin wu tang killa. Oh, and he rips. Catch him on instagram his name is @deadass for now. (previously @spitinyourmouthpissonyourbitch) PORTRAIT: Meet "Sway Girl" This is the only girl I have ever hooked up with using solely a business card. 1/456 tries = Winning. So I was out to eat with my roommate. Went to this half fancy thai spot close by. I finish my meal, order more sake. She walks in with some friends, one of which was ugly enough that we thought it was her mom. As I am leaving, I swoop in. Say to her "Hey, shoot me a text if you are going out tonight" Boom. Did the damn thing, on to the next one. Took her photo a couple of times too. EXTRA: Living in Texas has its perks. The ocean is not one of them. So I fly back to North Carolina every couple of months to visit family. The beach is my #2 stop. Went for the day, got stormed off the beach so my sister and I found this water way area while we waited for the storm to pass. I think I shot a whole roll here. It was such a different pace from the normal beach scene even the wildlife seamed to move slower.
  10. APPAnc

    I Spy...

  11. APPAnc

    Sa Rooftopping

    Dope for San Antonio?
  12. APPAnc

    Nollie Flip

    There is like a 10 foot roll before you hit the pole. Usually people skate the rail and hop down the stairs.
  13. APPAnc

    Josh Weathers- Kickflip

    He is right about the white. The lighting is spot on for how you have to shoot at this spot. Good work. Josh kills it too.
  14. No thank you Anthony. Pics can be found http://austin.craigslist.org/pho/4580142114.html