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  1. Skatepark Montage! Filmed with Hvx200, gh2, fs100, fs700, iPhone 6, Go Pro Hero 3+ haha. From Sydney Australia. Hope you enjoy.
  2. A little one minute edit for an australian video comp. Hope you enjoy! Skateboarder - Pete Dalmer Camera/ Edit/ Guest Tricks - Leo Townsend Music - Chancellor - "Mountain Lion"
  3. Etnies Presents: Danny Gluskie - Fresh Off The Boat F.O.B from Sydney Australia to Wisconsin USA. Filmed by: Jack Richardson Additional footage: Jared Hochhammer Titles and edited by: Leo Townsend Music: Hermitude - "Cloud City" (Elefant Tracks 2012)
  4. Throwing down some missys : )
  5. hope u enjoy it boyce. feedback welcome
  6. Mobbn Deep Leftovers from the Sydney Montage. Order Mobbn Deep Online @ www.themobbndeepvideo.com Trailer: cheers bruvaz
  7. Whaterrrp. Just finished a summer clip. Let us know what u think. pce.
  8. haha yeh i know i hear Shropshire has a heaps better park!
  9. thanks homies! yeh sometimes i stay a little bit back for a diffferent look. like some of the old TWS filmers like greg hunt stand a little farther back than 'modern filmers'. i dunno
  10. been saving this footy for a little while now, hope u enjoy, CC welcome. pce!
  11. yeh i wasnt really palnning on doing anymore, cos this is really the only skate-related effect there seemed to be confusion about. what would u like to see?
  12. Hey guys, Made a tutorial over the last couple of weeks for all those wanting to get Twixtor slow mo's down. A lot of people were having troubles with audio sync and frame rate issues from what I have seen, but I hope this can solve some of those problems. peace!
  13. Down from the car park we skate on rainy days there's some sort of gas plant that leaks onto the road, so i decided to film a little clip there. Shot at 120fps and on one clip i used twixtor as well. Hope u enjoy. pce
  14. just buy it you pieces. thought it was worth 5 bucks for the skating for sure. filming and editing was a pile as usual but it was a step up from 'the blind video' as someone previously said. I can't believe Bill Weiss ABD'd his own song. Morgan Smith's rush song was used in the competition montage in Digital #5, made my wiess. ah well. sewa is a boss