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  1. DRP33

    Many Brand Vs Peleng Video

    heres the comparison video i started making ages ago, got sidetracked but had a little spare time to put it up. hope it helps a few of you out! On another note Peleng have revised the price on their website, starting off at $228(US i think) (excluding postage). http://www.peleng8.com/ wish i got mine at that price PEACE!!
  2. filmed this ages ago sorry for the heinous streching.
  3. DRP33

    Mk1 Vs Modteka Vs Hercules Ultra Death Lens

    Hercules Ultra Death Lens? what about the incredible HULK?
  4. cheers man, yeah working on that haha
  5. DRP33

    Is It A Good Idea To Go Sd?

    hahahahaha thats what i was thinking too but seriously go 4k
  6. yep in Australia it is now spring! this was filmed on the first day of spring! (the last trick is switch)
  7. DRP33

    Peleng Vs. Manybrand

  8. colours are Shit but i fixed them in cam since filming this soo jeah. Peace
  9. had these lying around and uploaded them the other week. and today i got a lens hit ( direct hit no scraches pfew! and took the battery door off my rode VMP ) and a chalkie 10 minutes later.... not my day il probably post them at some point too
  10. DRP33

    Anyone Like Quadcopter Footage?

    fuck, i loved that clip to be honest! i kinda want one now.
  11. DRP33

    Peleng 8mm Fisheye Test Footage - Canon 60d

    yeah figured out what happened with the actual colours, i updated to the newer ML on my camera set the white balance and ML some how changed the wb shift to green/magenta to +9 magenta blue/amber to +9 amber not 100% sure how that works, so ive reset them back to 0 hopefully that fixes the problem cheers for the feedback LurkingTom
  12. DRP33

    Peleng 8mm Fisheye Test Footage - Canon 60d

    ahhh haha i get you my bad
  13. DRP33

    Peleng 8mm Fisheye Test Footage - Canon 60d

    To be honest i cant remember, i usally shoot with a shutter bout 250 and iso round 160 soo probably somewhere round f8 maybe? weather was crap that day sun would come out then the clouds were playing games with the sun. glares dont bother me tho, just adds character to the footage, gives it a unique HD but not feel or something? i dont know, i like it tho. yeah not 100% sure how that came about, it was either when i set the WB or the Colour grading or the _flaat picture style ive been testing or a mixture of all of it. I cant see why it wouldnt look the same, they are the same sensor, ive heard some of the coatings on the lenses tend to vary a bit so there is a chance it may be different. i got mine directly from the peleng website. i guess at the end of the day it comes down to the user and what look you want to go for. cheers bro!
  14. Wasn't sure where to post this so here will do. here is my test footage from the first shoot from my new peleng fisheye, I'm pretty stoked on it. yes it flares not as much as i thought but it doesn't bother me when it does. i think i've decided the many brand and peleng are two completely different lenses. currently working on a peleng VS many brand vid coz i haven't seen many around. peace!