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  1. joe.r

    Search Help!

    i could find anythign man
  2. joe.r

    Search Help!

    hi guys im searching for a thread that would be a few years old now. any way the thread had links to sites with free acapellas and instrumentals mainly hip hop and stuff if anyone could dig it up for me or have any links that may help it would be great thanks ! x
  3. joe.r

    Wtc Full Video

    thanks lads!
  4. Hey guys i recently finished filming a homie video called Where's The coast. so i have put all the parts up on line. check it out if you're interested, crit or hate welcome! Parts In Order Mitchell Folley Jarrod Agnew Billy Loveder & Jarryd Rees Homies Cessoul Chapman & Myself Matt Coleman John Jeffery Darcy Corbett
  5. hey, does anyone out there have really nice export settings for premier or mpeg stream clip for youtube? ive tryed a few suggested ones on here but my clips never turn out as good as other people have show! just after some reallysharp settings!
  6. joe.r

    Post Yourself Shooting

    this thread is the best! lets see more pics!
  7. joe.r

    Post Yourself Shooting

    thanks man! my homie took them, check his Flickr for skateboarding and lifestyle pics http://www.flickr.com/photos/ces-soul
  8. joe.r

    Post Yourself Shooting

    vx1000 super8
  9. joe.r

    Post Yourself Shooting

    super 8
  10. joe.r

    Post Your Setup!

    yashica super-50 (got it today) vx1/mk1 vx2 konica big mini (for fun)
  11. joe.r

    Skate Perception Filmer Directory

    any chance i could get my youtube chanel upgraded? http://www.youtube.com/user/ntsc3ccd thanks and email mr.joeonerske@hotmail.com and setup vx1000/mk1 vx2000/mk1
  12. wallie into driveway no footy but do photos count?
  13. joe.r


    thanks daawwwg!
  14. joe.r

    Post Yourself Shooting