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  1. AlexStenberg

    T3i Body For Sale

    T3i body for sale. Used but it good shape, normal wear. Comes with 2 batts, card, and charger. $300 ObO
  2. AlexStenberg

    Cam Caddie Lock-out

    trade for a panasonic cap cam? works great, nice shape. comes with battery, charger, and case. Or can send you $40 Paypal
  3. AlexStenberg

    College Degree

    I bet you wont do it Circle. everyone says that but nobody does it
  4. AlexStenberg

    College Degree

    college is for greedy sell-outs, I say quit while you're ahead. be a janitor and smoke weed all day and drink beer.
  5. AlexStenberg

    No Handle

    Few clips from couple weeks ago. Should have used a handle, pretty shakey
  6. AlexStenberg

    Alcohol And Escorts

    thats too bad
  7. What happened to aag? This place used to be entertaining back in '08.
  8. AlexStenberg

    Tricks You've Lost

    I struggle to ollie these days
  9. AlexStenberg

    What Is This?

    Bryan, you got me very hyped for this
  10. AlexStenberg

    Tamron 17-50vc Sticky Zoom

    Picked up a Tamron vc lens after hearing how good they were, especially for video and zooming. Well I am finding it almost impossible to get a smooth zoom with it. Is this normal? I've never used one before so I have no idea if thats how its supposed to be or what. The zoom ring seems way too tight, I have a canon 55-250 which zooms way better than this thing.
  11. AlexStenberg

    Unarmed Robbery

    Notice how the first thing she does when she gets up is update her facebook status.
  12. AlexStenberg

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    I want a bike again. would like this, but seems a little spendy http://lacrosse.craigslist.org/mcy/4476175967.html
  13. AlexStenberg

    Anyone Else Work Crazy Hours?

    Welcome to real life kids. I spend 90%+ of my time working and taking care of business.
  14. AlexStenberg

    Wtb: Fisheye For T3i

    ok sounds like good deal