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  1. mkcphoto

    Blackberry Tour 9630 $100

    I have a Blackberry Tour 9630 that is in EXCELLENT condition for sale. Perfect working condition as it was babied for the time that I had it. Beautiful cosmetic condition; this thing is seriously flawless because I like to keep my things new looking. Priced at $100 which I believe is a conservative estimate so I would rather not negotiate for lower offers. Just enough cash to take my girlfriend and I out for a night. Thanks! one two
  2. mkcphoto

    Fs: Blackberry Tour 9630, Ipod Classic 160gb

    bumpity. throw offers i just wanna get rid of this shit
  3. I have for sale a Blackberry Tour in excellent cosmetic condition. No charger or accessories included sorry. $150. negotiable 1 2 also I have a 160gb Ipod classic and a clear belkin case. in excellent condition. this thing is very very minty. $225 negotiable. 1 2 3 4
  4. mkcphoto

    160gb Ipod Classic Silver

    160gb ipod classic silver for sale 175 obo. pictures can be taken tonight, the thing has been in a case and used with a lot of care. no visible scratches even on the back stainless part. edit: also open to trades
  5. mkcphoto

    Dell Inspiron One 19

    to prevent further confusion.. the computer has yet to be started up, I was being serious when I said brand new
  6. mkcphoto

    Dell Inspiron One 19

    I want cash, no trades or anything sorry mang I'm seriously willing to negotiate quite a bit on the price because I just wanna get rid of this thing. help me out. idk what the fuck this computers name is http://www.walmart.com/ip/Dell-640-GB-iO19-1818BGA/13316868
  7. mkcphoto

    Dell Inspiron One 19

    whoa, havent been on here in a long while... I got a dell inspiron one 19 that has only been touched a handful of times. this thing is literally brand new. pictures upon request $500 obo
  8. mkcphoto

    T4 Vs. Stylus Epic

    I wipe my ass with the xa.
  9. mkcphoto

    Fs: Yashica T4

    I'm desperate guys. low ball me.
  10. mkcphoto

    Fs: Yashica T4

    you want this.
  11. mkcphoto

    Fs: Yashica T4

    word up. thanks for letting me know man.
  12. mkcphoto

    Fs: Yashica T4

    I am selling my yashica t4 super weatherproof because I have kind of strayed away from photography and I am now in need of some cash for a new glove set. I have bought two of these off of this website and I'm pretty sure this one was from jared talaga (his name may be different on here). The deal went pretty quick and my brain being swiss cheesy as it is can't remember if I bought it from him or not. Anyways, the camera is in very good condition with only a few scuffs/scratches that are hardly visible. The camera works perfectly. I will do $175 shipped. Honestly if your looking for a p&s there is no going wrong with this camera with the andy snyder photo in the background. hell yeah. A few photo's shot with the camera: 1 (walgreens scan) 2 (walgreens scan) 3 (a shitty 4490 scan) Oh yeah and as far as vouches go I have quite a few (though I only remember a few) I sold Curtis my sekonic l 358, I think it was Donald J. who sold me my bulk film loader, I bought the t4 from Jared Talaga, and I sold my bronny on here but I can't remember who it was to... so if you have any questions or want some more photos feel free to comment, pm, or email me at mkcphoto@yahoo.com. thanks guys
  13. mkcphoto

    Fs: Yashica T4

    sorry man, im pretty dead set on 150 shipped. maybe we can work something out, Ill pm you.
  14. mkcphoto

    Abandoned House

    people like you are starting to take over this website and im not very happy about it. you obviously don't know what the fuck your talking about, and when that happens most people would respect it more if you were to not speak. as for the photo, I would say that you should shoot more when your there. are you shooting digital? just shoot a lot of different compositions, fuck around and be creative, I promise you will get better results. also, this is a good way to learn very quickly. shoot a lot so when you get home you can figure out which ways worked and which ways didn't, and you will have an opprotunity to review a bunch of the different compositions you shot that day. usually when I do this I find my favorite composition is a different one than what I originally thought would be my favorite composition. keep shooting man, just fuck around and do a lot of different stuff, have fun.
  15. mkcphoto


    I really like the second and have for awhile.