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  1. I have a VX1000 which recently died so i'm trying to sell my lens. It's a MK1 bayonet mount lens, perfect for the VX1000. It's in great condition. There is one small scuff on the outer protective coating, but it's not a scratch and doesn't show up or effect the footage in any way. I'm selling it for $500 and it's also listed on Ebay. I'll ship it for free! If you wanna see footage I filmed with it recently just search for LONGDISTPROD on Youtube. I have footage that was filmed within the month with this lens.
  2. Longdistprod

    Colors Promo?

    where on youtube is it?
  3. Longdistprod

    Colors Promo?

    Hey everybody. I don't mean to sound self-centered and i'm really pullin this one from the past, but did anybody save my old promo's for the video Colors back in like 2004? I edited them on my parents old computer and never backed them up. If anyone saved any of them to their hard drives i'd really appreciate you posting them. Thanks!
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    Weekender yep
  6. Longdistprod

    North Carolina Trip!

    the skate plaza was terrible. eastern was much more fun!
  7. Sorry [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT9ySwy7wgU"]it's[/url] a youtube link.
  8. Longdistprod

    Vx2100 Mk1

    they did make a MK1 bayo for the VX2 a long time ago, but they stopped making it because the focal length is different and there were a lot of focus problems. i'm curious to see how bad the focus problem is...keep me posted.