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  1. graphospasmic

    Tour De Camera

    What if we sent around a flash drive and had everyone upload a photo? Fun for all the digi skillas
  2. graphospasmic

    Photographic Composition

    [quote name='jmcnulty' post='1480898' date='Jan 26 2007, 07:27 PM']cause skate mags teach so much about composition in all types of photography.[/quote] true, but this is a skateboard photography forum
  3. graphospasmic

    Skateperception Inspirations?

    I don't shoot anyway remotely close to what he does, but [url="http://www.jlindstroem.com/index.htm"]jonas[/url] always inspired me a lot.
  4. graphospasmic

    Waiting For The Man

    [quote name='Kubi' post='1418428' date='Dec 27 2006, 05:34 AM']What I dont get about this guy is that he didnt do his own shit. Every dealer Ive known does their own shit. I know alot of you smoke out, so have any of you bought from a guy who didnt smoke? That sorta had me call bullshit on this story. I wouldnt trust someone who didnt do their own product. I doubt someone random hoodie decided to give him 200k in powder, just to get rid of it. I dont think what was written was real. Sounds like an amazing screenplay, not some kid's flashback.[/quote] Based on the description of the heroin addicts of this story, do you really think any of them were competent to sell it? Not that I do heroin, but I'd trust a guy that DIDN'T do it a hell of a lot more than one who did.
  5. fuck yea i'm leaving myself a comment

  6. graphospasmic

    Songs That Break Your Heart

    Why I Don't Believe in God - Everclear
  7. graphospasmic

    Film Thread

    did you get the NC or the VC?
  8. graphospasmic

    Film Thread

    I just got a ton of cheap film! I went through all the racks of film at my store, and it turned out there was a bunch of expired XP2. I got a bunch of it for 2 bucks a roll. I'll post more about it when I get some back.
  9. graphospasmic

    Nosegrind El Toro Footy

    wildly original
  10. graphospasmic

    How Did You Find Out About Sp?

    Ryan told me when I asked him if there was anything like dsn still around
  11. graphospasmic

    Shit, Vomit And Anal Lube...

    Here's a kinda not really similar story this girl from my school told us about one of those DC close-up trips high schools do: These two guys were roomates on the DC trip, and one of them warned the other one he was gonna have a chick over and theyd probably end up having sex. The lonely guy grabbed the top bunk and plugged his headphones in trying to not pay attention to what was going on below. He figured out by eavesdropping that the two were having buttsex, and suddenly the girl starts to shit all over the guy and the bottom bunk, The one on the top starts laughing so hard he falls off the bed and breaks his arm on the floor.
  12. graphospasmic

    Pictures Of Skateperception Og's

    pm for noodz
  13. graphospasmic

    Professional Photographer?

    I'm not quite sure if you know this, but the USSR ended over 15 years ago. . . .
  14. graphospasmic

    Beginner Questions

    Those fisheyes do not have adjustable apertures