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  1. Damn. I'm like member # 50 something and hearing that this was coming back made me come back myself, 10 years later.
  2. So I only really used this once on a trip to Italy, all it does is sit around now. Comes with charger, bag, a couple 8 GB cards, UV filter, and strap. Make me some offers. This is probably the 8th or 9th camera I've sold on here, and I've been around forever. So don't worry, I'm not sketch.
  3. bromar

    Raymod, Mint

    Ah, no, I'm good on photo gear.
  4. bromar

    Raymod, Mint

    Its a sony .6x piece, i dont know about abroad shipping. As for trades, it depends on what it is.
  5. bromar

    Raymod, Mint

    Bump, gotta get rid of it before i go to NY and italy
  6. bromar

    Nhl Playoffs

    Penguins are gonna continue to surprise motherfuckers.
  7. NO SPLITS, pending trade to bobtheswan.
  8. I'll go for 700 for the VX1 and raymod
  9. Bringing this back from the dead, I'm trying to go to Italy this summer and need something different.
  10. Also the VX1000 comes with 4 batteries, charger, lens cap/hood, etc. Depending on your offer, I may throw in my modded raynox. HV20 has charger, component cable and original battery. VX1 Batteries HV20
  11. The topic title says it all, They're both basically unused, the VX1 got new heads, came back and has sat there, and the HV20 I got from Canon refurbished. I'd like to be rid of them both at the same time. I know I don't come on here much anymore, but ask around and you'll find kids that have done business with me. Hell, just look at the member #. Anyways, pics will be up later tonight. Make me some offers if you like. I'll also take certain trades. I don't want to split batteries or whatever either. Here's the VX1K, HV20 soon.