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  1. 420 or die blunts,bitches,beer,and cars

  2. xkr3wxskatesx

    Bs Flip

    word word. im calling it quits who wants to buy all my gear?
  3. xkr3wxskatesx

    Bs Flip

    shit naw i ment to space the the two photos for this one but i did that wrong fuckkk i didnt even notice this.
  4. xkr3wxskatesx

    Bs Flip

    i couldnt really do much to avoid the ass shot i wish he was goofy ha comment and critique please thanks.
  5. xkr3wxskatesx

    Bs Flip

    i couldnt really do much to avoid the ass shot i wish he was goofy ha comment and critique please thanks.
  6. xkr3wxskatesx

    Crooks Polejam In Bama

    dude this is super sick im diggin the comp
  7. xkr3wxskatesx


    ha deng i didnt even notice that myself, thanks alot guys!
  8. xkr3wxskatesx


    thanks yea my shoulder was touching that wall already ha or i would. anything else?
  9. xkr3wxskatesx


    i hate the right corner the black blends in way to much. comment critique please thanks.
  10. xkr3wxskatesx

    Havent Posted In Awhile

    --> QUOTE(Justin B @ Jun 21 2009, 12:21 AM) 3159846[/snapback] The bs lip is cool. I think you could have gotten a little closer but it's fine how it is. I would cool down the white balance temperature though. Personal preference, but look at the sky in the bs lip shot and look at the one in the fs feeb shot. Two totally different blues, and in my opinion the second one looks better. Color for sure for the fs feeb. The black and white is too gray and there is no pure blacks. The color is what attracts your eye to the rail and thus the skater. I would have gotten closer on this one as well though. The cinder block in the foreground isn't doing much and you have a lot of space at the bottom of the frame that you could work with when getting closer. It would make the rail look a bit bigger too. I know you don't want to fuck up that minty fish but get up in there! Looking forward to seeing more fish shots from you man. word justin! deff feelin u on the getting closer im still getting used to it gotta grow some getting closer balls! word to on the white balance temp i didnt notice that at all thanks. could i get some mad critique on the front blunt photo pleaaaaseee? bummer u cant shred tomorrow for king of ave thanks everyone else two! more please
  11. xkr3wxskatesx

    Havent Posted In Awhile

    back lip color or black and white on the front feable? oh and that sun was killin me but i had limited time to shoot today. comment and critique guys and gals please thanks.
  12. xkr3wxskatesx

    Alright Dudes Who Scan There Neggs

    thanks for responding dude, and ur think the shutter on my hassy could be a little off due to it being kinda used and warn out? that would make sense because the results ive been getting from that thing havent been to grand.
  13. xkr3wxskatesx

    Alright Dudes Who Scan There Neggs

    so i scanned this flat before i burnt it. and those two walls were very washed out and lacked all there detail. but when i burned it (cause i just called this a fuck up shot) the walls came back as u can see. what did i do wrong when scanning it flat? help,tips,anything on when u guys or girls scan. also why does the digi i shot not look so blown out? i idint change anything pleaseee help me out thankkkkksss!
  14. xkr3wxskatesx

    50-50 Big Six Stair

    anything else?